Chapter One - Part Three - New BeginningsMature

I looked around the bar, knowing a triumphant look would light my features. It was one of the reasons why I was so good at my job, I love it. Love the satisfaction of knowing that someone dangerous has been taken off the streets by my hand. Damage control was going to be a bitch on this one. Usually the N.C.U. or National Command Unit handled all supernatural crime, but most of the time, they had bigger fish to fry, in a city like London they did anyway. 

They tolerated my business, probably because I was generally good at it, and because I knew the rules, and I respected them. Above all else, supernatural existence couldn't be uncovered to the human society. It would mean war. Of course it would. Look throughout history, what do humans do when threatened by something they don't understand? They get to the killing. I couldn't leave here, without making sure all the humans present, wouldn't remember a thing.

I pulled my pen, the gold one, out of my pocket. It was gold for a reason. Recognition. So I wouldn't use it by accident, when it didn't need to be used. I stood on the bar, and shouted loudly, projecting my voice across the room. "Could you all look this way please?" Whether out of sheer curiosity, or a desire to follow my orders considering they'd just seen me shoot a guy, I don't know, they looked towards me as one. A sea of confused, bewildered and fearful faces.

Kai had made sure no one could leave, using one of his nifty Shamanic abilities to keep the doors sealed. The pen, when I clicked it, would play a very loud clip of a noise of such a high frequency, the humans in the room wouldn't even hear it. It would still permeate their brainwaves though, deleting everything that had happened in the last fifteen minutes.

I clicked it, and it was like the whole room was on pause. Literally. Some impatient drunkard at the bar, was frozen in the motion of taking a swig of his beer. The tears of some desperately terrified onlooker, stopped in their descent to the ground, a blob of liquid, hovering in mid air. It would only last three minutes. Enough time for me to get the hell out of dodge.

 We left swiftly, and by the time we were back at my house, we were laughing like school kids. Leftover adrenaline I suppose. Kai punched me playfully in the arm, "His face was priceless." 

I laughed, "I know." I swung myself around a nearby lamp post, giddy with laughter, when I found myself in Kai's arms. His arm snaked around my waist, his breath hot on my face in the cold night air. He smelt of salt, and musk. His head dipped down to mine, and his lips touched mine tentatively. I wrapped my arm around his neck, drawing him closer, before I pushed him away abruptly. 

"I can't. I'm sorry Kai." I looked up at him with sympathy, "I don't feel- I can't- we're friends." I had known he'd liked me for a while, but never said anything, or nurtured his feelings towards me. I'd assumed he would pick up that I wasn't interested. He was like a little brother to me. 

He nodded, mumbling that he understood, turned and left, looking thoroughly dejected. I sighed wearily and let myself into my house. It didn't take long before I stumbled into bed, eyes closing with sleep as soon as my head hit the pillow. 

The next day, on my way to work, I was feeling considerably chipper. Even though my Mini had broken down again, and my hairbrush had snapped halfway through brushing my hair, I felt great. I'd done some good last night. However, that feeling didn't last. 

When I pulled up outside my building, a man was leaning against it waiting for me. He was tall, his skin a caramel colour. His hair was roughly curled, hugging his head in a crop of chocolate brown. He wore dark glasses, and a brown pinstripe suit. Maddox. What the fuck was the U.K Head of the N.C.U doing outside my work, waiting for me? 

I climbed out my car slowly, approaching him with a wary smile. "Mr Maddox, is there something I can do for you today?" 

He took a step towards me, taking off his glasses and smiling in a very businesslike way. His eyes were a shocking shade of turquoise. He extended his hand, "Ms. Devereaux, my name is Maddox I-" 

I put up a hand, "I know who you are, what do you want?" 

His eyebrows rose, his eyes darting a look towards my closed office. "Could we, talk indoors?" I walked briskly over to the office and unlocked, ushering him in. You didn't leave a man like Maddox out in the cold for long. I settled into my chair, gesturing for Maddox to sit. I leaned forward on my desk, "What's this about Mr Maddox?" 

He smiled tightly, "Just Maddox."

I nodded.

"I'm here to talk to you about your business." I sighed, rolling my eyes. Here comes a lecture on how I'm getting involved with the stuff I should leave to the professionals. He put up a hand. "Now, give me a chance. I actually like the little enterprise you've built here." At that, my eyebrows raised. "It's discreet, and effective. I am here to ask you to move your business, to an N.C.U crime hotspot that could use your help. With a paid bonus of course. I'll give you, let's say 10% on top of your usual fees for any job, to accommodate the move." 

I mulled this over for a few minutes. Moving would be a massive inconvenience. I liked London, I knew it well. I had lived here a good few years. Not just that, but I would have to find new staff. I highly doubted my existing staff would follow. God knows where he wanted to send me. 

"Where to?"

"A town called Tenesson, a little ways out in the sticks in the South West." 

"What if I was to say no?"

Maddox smiled, a small glint twinkling in his eye, "I could put you out of business. Or better yet, considering your supernatural heritage, I could have you brought in, as a danger to society. A Vigilante." 

I smirked. Maybe I shouldn't like the term 'Vigilante' being applied to myself as much as I do. I grinned, but it was more a baring of teeth, "Well, I don't see I have much choice, how long do I have to get out there?"

"By tomorrow." I gaped. He grinned, pulling a manilla dossier from his jacket, "I have already purchased a property for your office, in your name of course, and put this one up for sale. The estate agents will contact you when you have a buyer. Accommodation and initial advertising are down to you." 

I snatched the folder with a scowl. Presumptuous bastard. He stood abruptly, stalking out of the office with a patronising, "Always nice to see you Ms. Devereaux." Kai had entered sometime towards the end of our discussion.

He frowned at me with a distinctly puzzled look, "What was that?" I explained it all in a few terse sentences. He sighed, knowing what it would mean. A lot of staff were going to get bad news phone calls today. To my relief, he immediately offered to come with me and help me get set up, as did Darla. Everyone else, regrettably, got left behind. 

With twelve hours, my bags were packed, the office loaded into a Transit Van, following it in my Mini, on the way to some shitty little town, somewhere I had never been. I scowled to myself. Here's to new beginnings. 

The End

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