Chapter One - Part Two - BerserkMature

Catching this guy could be hard. Being Light, he would probably be working harder to hide himself than the Dark would. The Dark don't tend to care, they're cocky and arrogant, most of the time, believing that even if I did come for them, or someone else did, then they'd be able to see us off. Mostly, that arrogance made my job a whole lot easier. It wouldn't this time.
        I was back in the human world, thank fuck, at home, getting dressed for work. I run a Private Investigative Service called Nosy Neighbours. I have my Mentor and previous business owner, Brack to thank for the cutesy name. Half of my services were for the mundane sort of thing, cheating partners, benefits fraud, etc. The rest was the sole responsibility of myself and one other person. Kai. Together, we took on the more, spooky, unexplainable cases.
       The World around you is full of Supernatural entities, of all kinds. Ghosts, Werewolves, Vampires, Fae, Witches, Warlocks and the list goes on. A handful of humans in certain positions, know of these things, or are suspicious of them. Half of the stuff I get, gets thrown back out because it just some nut job, with a Supernatural problem that doesn't exist. Of course, a large portion of our business is from the Supernatural community itself.
        My work gear was always the same sort of thing, black slacks, a coloured blouse, small high heels to allow for better movement and most importantly, my gun. Guns are illegal in the UK, and I'd had to pull a lot of dodgy, nefarious strings to get mine. My standard wear was a 9mm Glock, and for real dicey situations I had a Marlin 44. in the trunk. That one was reserved for last resorts. My 9mm was tucked into a shoulder harness under my blouse, easily accessible if needs be. Covering it all was a long black leather jacket, swarthy enough to hide the outline of the gun. Needless to say, I would get into a lot of trouble if the Police caught me with them.
         I drove the short 5 mile, thirty minute drive to the office, just off Canary Wharf. Driving in this city could be a time consuming stressful process. Stopping for a Mocha on the way, I barely got there in time to open. Thankfully, it was a Sunday, and we opened later. Kai was leaning against the wall with a poorly concealed grin. "Running late?" I flipped him the bird with a smile as I fumbled through the keys and unlocked the door.
       I stalked through the office, switching on the computer system, and settling into my large suede desk chair with a sigh. I ran a hand through my hair, racking my brain. I'd never really had to look for a Light Elf before. Kai perched on my desk with a bemused smile, "Boss, I don't think I've ever seen you look... frazzled. What's crackin'?" I couldn't help but smirk.
           I sighed wearily, "The usual in our line of work, just a little harder. Today, we're looking for a Light Elf."
        Kai's eyebrows rose, "Well shiiit, that one's a bit more complex. You get this tip off from the King?" Kai knew about my deal with King Laus, he disapproved of it, often complaining that Laus was a wily son of a bitch, who would use the anchor, and my abilities for his own nefarious purposes. I had often stated that it was my business, and I would do as I wished. It was a long standing argument, and if I didn't like Kai so much, I might have let him go. He was easy to work with, and good at his job, so I let it slide.
      "Yes. All I know is, he's been making deals with the Dark, and spending time in our wonderful city. That can only mean some bad shit is about to go down." For the most part of the day Kai and I were holed up in the office, researching. I had an office manager whom I trusted to delegate jobs, who spent most of her time in the office as well, sending out the regular PI's for the normal jobs and sliding the less normal ones along to me.
      I was starting to get increasingly frustrated. I couldn't find anything about this Corrigan guy, and I'd been digging for hours. Normally I would have a least a snippet of his whereabouts by now, this is my job, it's what I'm good at. Alas, nothing. It was started to get to the point where I just wanted to pack up and go home, when Darla, my office manager bounded over to me, purple folder in hand. (Purple is freaky, Manilla is normal, was her filing technique.)
      Her hair was many vibrant shades of Pink and Red, cut short, not more than a few inches of unruly spikes sticking out here there and everywhere. She was not what you expected from an office manager, but amazing at her job. Today, she was sporting a white floaty gypsy style skirt, and a pink camisole. She slapped the folder on the desk, "Got a job for ya Ari, some sum'bitch been tearing up Stratford like a mad man apparently. Sounded like something important." Darla had a deep Southern American Twang, years of growing up in the Bayou, or so she said.
       I slapped the file open with a sigh, Kai leaning over my shoulder to get a good look. Someone in the Supernatural community had reported this. Unusual, most of the time, they reported to the N.C.U. I normally got calls from humans, who didn't really know what they were dealing with. Apparently, whatever this thing is, has been smashing up the local pubs in a blind rage, beating on anyone who were unfortunate enough to get in it's path, and then slipping off before the human Police could even get a look in. Apparently, this would all start over a woman. Not any woman in particular, just the one he would choose to chat up.
         Luckily the intelligence on this one was good, it should be fairly easy. I didn't do the courtesy of taking them to the N.C.U for judgement, with me, it was death. See, part of my Dark nature, felt the need for it, and I had to keep that side of me sated, or it could have devastating effects on the human population. I had learned to embrace it over the years, the emotionless static in my mind when I killed a blessing in disguise. At least I didn't stay up all night racked with guilt.
        I drove home hoping my beat up Classic Mini would make the journey. Kai sat in the passenger seat with a small grin. He was buzzing with energy, the same way he always did before a job. Kai was the only person on my team I would let come with me on my jobs. He's a Shaman, one of the more powerful ones. The offspring of a Warlock/Witch and a human, Shaman's were usually only gifted with ability to sense the paranormal, and that's about it. The more powerful ones, had limited powers, akin to what their Mother or Father had.
         Kai, had an affinity with Persephone, the Queen of the Underworld. He could use a smidging of power, to send anything and anyone onto the Gates of the Underworld. It was considered a formidable power in the Witch/Warlock community, only a few ever having been noted to harbour it's power. Obviously Kai's abilities were somewhat muted compared to his Father's.
       I showered and changed quickly. My work clothes wouldn't do it for this job. I slipped on one of the only dresses in my wardrobe. Dresses weren't usually my thing, I only ever really broke them out on jobs like this one. I didn't even wear dresses on dates. It was little black number, low on the chest, high on the leg, with a sheen that made it look almost like liquid. Finished off with some deep red lippy, smoky eyes and black pumps, and it was go time. I stepped lightly down the stairs, and couldn't help but be satisfied by Kai's awestruck look. I smirked, twirling, "Like what you see?"
          He stepped forward, slipping his hand in my arm, "Mama, you look damn fine. No man could resist you looking like that." He winked and stepped back. I was surprised to find my hands were sort of clammy, and I almost couldn't breathe. I shook my head to reorientate myself.
          "Let's go." We took the tube into Stratford, milling around to find the sort of down homey bar our guy would be sporting. Luckily, I could use Kai as a sort of sniffer dog to find the right area. Although there is a massive Supernatural population, there wouldn't be many out on the town in Stratford in the middle of the week. They tended to stay in their own exclusive clubs. We narrowed it down to a few pubs, not too far from each other. We picked the one in the middle, thinking that if anything started in the other pubs, we would hear it. Turns out, we didn't have to worry, we'd got the right place.
       I was perched on a bar stool, letting my wine roll around the glass, when I felt a small tap on my shoulder. I'd had a lot of come ons from humans tonight, and was about ready to grill this other guy, when I turned around, and realised I'd found my mark. I wasn't as good at I.Ding signatures as Kai, but this guy was putting off some nasty vibes. He had curling ginger hair, light blue eyes, and a general brutish look about him. Kai's voice came through softly on my earpiece, "Berserker. Be careful of this one Boss." I'd found it handy to buy the earpieces a while back. Helped prevent miscommunication on the job.
             The guy looked me up and down with an open leer, "Hey pretty lady, mind if I buy you a drink?" 
              I looked him up and down, projecting heat in my gaze, "Sure thing hot stuff, mine's a white wine." He plonked down on the stool next to me with an audible thud, and ordered our drinks. We sat together for a while, having a perfectly normal conversation, I'd almost thought I'd got the wrong guy. Almost.
           He started to radiate tension and anger, the other people in the bar feeling it too. A side effect of his nature. His anger could affect everyone around him, and with Berserkers, that rage could come from nowhere. The man to my left took a step forward, shoving the Berserker to the side, "Get away from her. She wants to sit with me." I sat there my mouth open wide. What? The Berserker stood slowly, his face menacing, "Don't push me. Step away from the lady."
         The stranger grabbed my arm, pulling me roughly from the stool, "No, she's mine." Within seconds, violence erupted, the Berserker ran forward, grabbing the man, and slamming his head on the bar, the momentum snapping his neck instantly. That was it then. He went nuts, smashing up everything in sight. I stood in front of him, my feet planted a shoulders width apart, "Enough." My voice radiated power, the power I was born with.
        The Berserker stopped, staring at me oddly, "Moon King? Sir? No. You- You are-" I put a hand up.
         "I am what I choose, as are you Berserker. You chose not to control the rage within you, and now, you must die." I pulled my gun from the holster, and emptied the rounds into his chest. Each shot pummelled at him, it taking two at least before he even went down on his knees. I lowered the gun panting, watching as he stared at me with wide eyes. "I have been a good servant to you Moon King. Why would you send your Ilk to destroy me?" With a last choke and gurgle, he collapsed, in a pool of blood.

The End

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