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The Moon King, is set in the Violet World, concentrating less on the Fae, and more on a rare type of Supernatural. The Elf. King Laus of the Ether, sends Ariana on a mission, nothing new, except for what she's looking for. Along the way, she meets some extraordinary people, and learns the truth of her Half Human, Half Dark Elf heritage. Will she be able to handle the truth? Will she find her mark, and save lives doing it, or will this strange job be the last one she ever does?


The Moon King - An Ariana Devereaux Tale by Elouise Field

© Elouise Field 2014 All rights reserved.


I woke in a daze, the room spinning. I shut my eyes tight, slapping the palms of my hands on my temples. No! Not now! My efforts were futile, as they were every time. When I opened my eyes again, I was no longer on our own plane of existence, I was somewhere else. No one really penned a good name for it, so most just called it the Ether. On this plane of existence, the human world melted into the background, the world around me no longer filled with civilization and modern technology, but a simple world, with a low population.
        Houses here were not made from bricks and cement, more just wood, or stone. This land is run by one man, and one man only, King Laus. He was a good man, well, sort of. He is an elf, like everyone who knows of, or lives in this land. I am half elf, half human. There are two types, Light Elves, and Dark Elves. For the most part, Light Elves live in this realm, rarely entering the human world. Their magic is highly sought after in the Supernatural community, and so, they often fins themselves targets and victims.
        The majority of Dark Elves prefer to live in the human world, rarely visiting their homeland. There is much to be gained from their point of view. The difference in the two, is their power. Light Elves powers were positive, more about healing and defence, than the Dark's powers of offence and aggression. For the most part, Elves are beautiful creatures whether they be Light or Dark. I am Dark, unfortunately.
     My Mother, was taken by the Dark Elves, forced into slavery. She conceived me during that time. It was hard for her to talk to me about it, but I knew my Father was a Dark Elf, and that he was her captor, but not much else. Throughout my childhood, it had been hard for her to bond with me, because I looked so much like him. I have his deep blue hair, dark, almost looking black, if not for the electric blue sheen it gave off under light. His eyes too, a blue so light, they were almost white. I had my mothers pallid white skin, making me look like the walking dead half of the time.
        Strangely, my Mother encouraged me to learn to use my abilities, from the moment they had started to show. She was intent on my doing something about the Dark Elves. True to her dream, I now travelled both worlds, hunting the Dark Elves that saw fit to abduct humans and the supernatural alike. Most of the time, I tried to avoid coming to the Ether. I didn't like it here, it seemed ancient, like a lost world.
        On odd occasion, I didn't have a choice. In my first few times of visiting here, I had been taken to the King. He was fascinated by me, considering Elves normal difficulty in breeding with humans. It was unheard of, in fact, supposed to be impossible. He'd observed me for days, asking questions non stop, until I couldn't take it anymore. I agreed to take on certain jobs for him, if he would just stop treating me like a lab rat. Now, whenever he wanted me to do something, he would drag me into the Ether using the Anchor ring that he gave me.
        It was a small silver band, with a small stone inside it, not that it mattered what it was, or what it looked like. He could have used anything as an anchor, as long as I had it on my person, he could drag me into the Ether at a whim.  A group of men waited for me, all of them bowing ridiculously low, peering up at me, waiting for my approval. I smirked, "You may stand." They all stood, sighing with relief. It was blisteringly hot here this time of the year, and their heavy metal armour did nothing to help keep them cool. They sighed in relief all of them nodding in quiet greeting. The swarthy looking man stood in the middle, stepped forward, wiping sweat from his brow.
        "Lady Devereaux, the King requires your presence, we are here to escort you." The Ether could be a bit dicey for someone like me. Most knew who I was, knew I was not to be bothered, but a minority, a very dangerous minority, knew who I was and wanted me dead. From the moment I had started to hunt the Dark Elves, I had pissed a lot of them off. I would have been happy to kill them all along the way, add more notches to my belt, but the King liked to prevent this, in an effort of being fair to the Dark.
    They marched me through the city, standing all around me, covering every possible angle. It didn't take long to reach the castle, he always dragged me in somewhere close to it. The castles gates opened loudly, a fanfare sounding. A man in luxurious silks, called to the King's court, "Lady Devereaux Moon Daughter has arrived." I rolled my eyes, but this was just the norm in the Ether. I hated my formal Elven name, I didn't get it. I didn't know who my father was, but Laus seemed to. He'd never told me, and apparently had sworn to my Father he wouldn't. Didn't matter much to me, if I knew who my Father was, I would probably kill him anyway.
             The King, sat on a large throne, looking as regal as possible. He smirked at me, his pale grey hair shining in the sunlight. I approached the throne, watching in amusement as three court servants dragged a large chair in for me to sit on. Laus, gestured to the chair with a small smile, his green eyes twinkling, "Please, sit." I nodded thanks and perched on the edge of the seat. I wish he would have given me time to change before he dragged me here. I was still wearing the flannel pants and silk camisole that were my usual nightwear. The mirth on Laus' face said he knew that too.
          The whole court, a collection of large oak tables, filled with noblemen and women, all sat with their gaze fixed on me. Some with hatred, others with abject fascination. Laus chose to have some Dark Elves in his court, to maintain a balance, blah blah blah. The King clicked his fingers, and within a blink, the whole court was back to eating their food, talking and laughing amongst themselves, as if I had never even entered the room. He turned to me, "I trust you've been well Ariana?" He tucked a stray strand of hair behind his ears, the points prominent, like little arrows of milky white.
         I nodded with a scowl, "Yes, thank you. Well, I was, until you called me here. What do you want Laus?" Not many people would dare speak to the King this way, but I always had, and always would. The rules of the Ether do not apply to me, and I am not one of his subjects. He grinned. He'd always found my attitude some what amusing.
        "I am need of your services."
        I waved a hand impatiently, "Go on." He knew he had my attention. I despised the bargain we had come to, but the King's jobs were always the better ones, the ones that really made a difference. I mean, who would know his subjects activities better than the King. Once upon a time, he would have sent out his Generals to deal with the problem Elves, but now, he chose to send me.
      "There is an Elf, who has been communicating with the Dark in your World, striking deals with them." He smiled sadly, "He was a good man, a healer, but now, I have information he has been traversing to your World-" my eyebrows rose, that was almost unheard of, a Light Elf in the human world. "and helping the Dark to abduct women and children there. I have found one or two in the Ether, in the houses of certain Dark Elves, but am certain there are more in your World." I nodded. I knew what had to be done. "His name is Corrigan Methers, the last place he left the Ether, would have been your capital city, London." I stood abruptly, the sooner I got this done, the better. I walked away, with a promise that I would get the job done.


The End

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