The Moon Is Finally On My Side

Day 21:

We're rocketing through galaxies, spinning through black-holes; hand in hand we swim right up the milky-way. It's taken this long to get to here, 3 weeks and a billion kisses, we don't even know who we are anymore.

Day 22:

We had a pitstop at Jupiter to refuel our spirits, before zooming on into the next utopia. Perfection after perfection we wave to Hubble and dance in circles around Cassini, laughing, beckoning, gasses burning right in front of our eyes. Next stop: Andromeda!

Day 23:

The moon is finally on my side. Pixellated, distorted, pigmentations, it's full of colour. Titan, Olympia, Cronos, Eris, Dysnomia. Names of Greek, Latin, Mayan, Aztec. Where are we going, we don't know, there are no answers, we keep foxtrotting forwards.

Day 24:

Indigo. Amber. Cinnamon. Aubergine. Jaune. Noir. Rogue. Vert. Aquamarine. Heliotrope. Cosmic latte. Amethyst. Cobalt. Teal. Topaz.  Maroon. Violet. Incarnadine. Khaki. Periwinkle. Ochre. Terracotta. Nigricant. Vermilion. Zinnober.

Day 25:

Cosmic dust perches on our shoulders, everything is the colour of the sable horses back home. Earth is so far away, looking behind us we can barely even see the Virgo Cluster anymore. Cartwheeling through time and space, we are the clouds, the particles. We are atoms of life.

Day 26:

Our brains are liquefied and we are death itself laughing.

Day 27:

This is where we will be, heavens stretch on forever, dark matter expands our horizons, new territory every day. Unexplored, only the stars burn now. Planets of every shape and size dodge us and we are flying we are swimming through nothing.

Day 28:

Who are you and who am I are no longer relevant questions.

The End

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