Day 1-5

I started reading 'LIfe As We Knew It'. It's a pretty good book, the events in that book could possibly happen to us in the real world. Some situations in this book could actually happen to us in the real world. While I was reading, I noticed their lives are like ours, and that this exact same thing could happen. Miranda, the main character, was calm about the situation, but got a little worried when her mom went a shopping spree for supplies.

I started reading 'Life as we Knew it'.  The author is very creative, in my view. Susan Beth Pfeffer is the author. Once I started reading, I got instantly connected to it. This book connected to my life, my sister was never here at my house, just like Miranda's  brother Matt. My sister was living with her husband about 12 hours away, I never really got to see her. So this book got to me personally and I knew how Miranda felt. In this book, Miranda goes through a chaotic experience. She adapts to it a little calmly, while her mother takes it to the extreme. Her mother worries a lot, buying a lot of supplies in case the world ends. Just because an asteroid hit the moon, and the moon got closer. In my point of view, this could actually happen to us in the world. We connect because lots of asteroids clash with the moon. This could possibly happen to us. Their experience in this book could actually happen to people in the real world. When I was reading, I noticed that in the disaster, we have the same problems. Their supplies is backed up like ours, we are backed up on oil just like them. We are also going through global warming, just like them. THis book relates to our very much, it's a good book. 

The End

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