The Monster Park

The story is set in a small town and is about a haunted park. Enjoy!



            As the midnight hour ticks closer;

            Upon the park do dark clouds hover;

            A little boy unaware sits on the bench;

            He is covered by sweat and by blood he is drenched;

            Like a small kid he licks on his ice cream;

            Paying little attention to a blinding scream;

            The park is what the cops try to comb;

            Searching for the boy, but he is back in his tomb.  


            Case 1: The Little Friend


            Six years old Jamie Thunder tugged at his mother’s skirt “I want to go to the park!” he wailed.

             “Okay, okay.” She soothed him. “Let me call Mrs. Parkinson and then we’ll all go to the park.”

            Mrs. Thunder always went to the park with her neighbor and best friend, Mrs. Parkinson, for strolls.

            In a matter of ten minutes the three were in the park, it was near sunset.

            “Go Jamie, play with other kids,” Mrs. Thunder told Jamie.

            Jamie didn’t have any particular good friends. Being friendly, he used to play with any kid he ran into in the park.

            But the park was empty today. The park usually remained empty the entire day, except for a few exceptional people. No one really liked to come to this park, Monster Park.

            Monster Park, thought Jamie, what a weird name!

            In reality, Monster Park wasn’t really a pleasant place. Its location was isolated, the swings in the park were all broken and rusted, rendering them to no avail, there were wild plants growing out of all places, and the grass hadn’t been trimmed in years.

            But Monster Park was also one of the few places for recreation in the small town of ChillVille. Sometimes people getting too bored used to give and come to this park.

            It was the kids who loved this place. It was a really good place for playing ‘hide and seek’ and the kids could play for hours on end without being distracted.

            The mothers hated the kids going to the park- here is why- the park was supposedly haunted. People used to hear bone chilling screams reverberating from here late at night. There were reports of apparitions seen playing on the broken swings. And why did the bushes rustle on a non-windy day?

            No one knew the truth behind these rumors, no one knew why these apparitions appeared, no one knew why the park was in such a state and why was it completely ignored by authorities.

            Jamie walked down a lonely footpath, searching for a playmate in vain. He finally saw a kid sitting on a bench, eating ice-cream.

            Weird, Jamie thought, the park was empty when I entered. Nonetheless, Jamie went over to greet the kid.

            “Hi!” Jamie said. “I am Jamie.”

            The boy just nodded. “I am Marcus.”

            “Its weird,” Jamie said “I didn’t see any ice-cream vendor around for miles.”

            Marcus just shrugged in reply.

            “So…Marcus, tell me, where do you live?”

            “I live here in the park.”

            “You don’t mean to say you sleep here too, do you?”

            Marcus’ eyes blue eyes turned jet black. “Yes,” he said coldly “this is where I sleep, day and night…forever…and you better not interfere.”

            Jamie didn’t understand why Marcus was threatening him. The sky turned darker by the minute.

            “Can’t we be friends?” Jamie asked innocently.

            Marcus’ lips pulled back in a sneer “Ha, you don’t know who I am. You better turn around and run.”

            “Okay,” Jamie said, hurt “if you don’t want to play, I’ll go.”

            Jamie turned around and started to walk away.

            “Turn around,” Ordered a deep, menacing voice.

            “Now what,” Jamie said. He turned around.

            Marcus had changed a lot in a matter of seconds. He was certainly bigger now, about a foot taller, his arms displayed pumped blood vessels, and his eyes were bloodshot and worst of all he was on fire.

            “Oh no,” Jamie stared in horror as Marcus started walking towards him. He turned around and started running towards the exit.

            “The barbed fence is too dangerous.” Jamie decided.

            While running, Jamie looked back to check on Marcus. Even while on fire, Marcus was still sneering, he ran aflame as gulps of fire escaped from him onto the ground, setting the grass on fire.

            Jamie didn’t look back again, he ran as fast as he could.

            “Going to mommy, are you?” Marcus screamed in delight.

            “What does he mean?” Jamie’s mind was abuzz with questions. Who was this guy? Was he human?

            One of Jamie’s questions was answered at the gate- his mom was not there.

            Where did she go? Jamie wondered. “Mom!” he shouted.

            What a bad time to disappear, Jamie thought.

            Jamie ran out of the gate, looking back at the park.

            The entire park was ablaze, the grass, the trees, the bushes, the benches and the swings. Jamie noticed Marcus inches away from the gate, burning and writhing in pain and agony.

            Marcus screamed repeatedly, but no one seemed to notice it.

            Jamie ran back home, breathless and covered in sweat. He burst into the hallway. His mom was there, chatting with Mrs. Parkinson on the couch.

            “Mom,” he shouted “why did you leave me alone? A boy on fire chased me through the park. The entire park was on fire! Didn’t you notice? Where were you?”

            Mrs. Thunder looked at Jamie and blinked “What are you talking about child? You were getting bored in the park so you came back…with us. And what did you do? You are covered in sweat.”

            Mrs. Parkinson, who was there beside Mrs.Thunder nodded in approval.

            Jamie couldn’t understand a single thing. What was going on?

            “Then come with me to see the park, its on fire…really!”

            “We’ll go there in the morning. It’s too late now.”

            But when Jamie went to the park the next morning, it was completely normal and deserted (which came inside its normalcy). There was no sign of fire anywhere. The grass, the trees were all spotless and rustled merrily in the wind.


The End

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