The Monster Flu Jab Syringe

 One day it was decided that Fred Milktop should have a flu jab, and when the time came, he was  confronted by a man holding a 20 foot long syringe at Dr Biscuit's Surgery. He tried to flee, but the man charged at him with the monster syringe and started to jab him with a five - foot long injection needle attached to the 20  foot long syringe.


Fred screamed, but told to shut up by the man giving him the injection.


The jabber was a male nurse called Fred Potty. He warned that flu jab dodgers could next time be jabbed in the street if they escaped from the doctor's surgery. In a way the syringes would be sent charging after each dodger, jabbing him all over his body with 20 gallons of flu vaccine.


That night at home Fred woke up to find a monster syringe jumping down on top of him in bed. It had burst through the bedroom window after being fired from a plane outside by the madman Fred Potty. It was to forcibly give Fred a midnight flu jab, and didn't he arf scream. The screams brought  the sleep in staff and they opened up Fred's flat with the master key and burst in. They got the shock of their lives  when they saw a monster injection needle jumping down on top of Fred Milktop. They tried to pull the syringe off but had to dive out of the way as the syringe tried to jab them.


All of a sudden more syringes got fired into the flat through the bedroom window. One of the carers went down to investigate and saw a plane firing  flu jab syringes into Fred's flat and had to call the police. They came with anti - aircraft guns and shot down the plane. Once done they put the madman Fred Potty, a male nurse at Dr Biscuit's surgery into prison.

The End

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