Chapter 4


12:46 am 

Well...that didn’t go well.

I went out, I thought I was protecting my family (so I should have listened to Mum) I went out, put on a false bravado act, you know, like you do, trying to stall them, but they saw through it. They beat me up (coulda killed me!), as the police arrived, they were preparing to run me over in Pladdy’s car. I was delirious and broken on the floor. Well, that’s what the nurse said, when I woke up this afternoon in the hospital.

I only found out the rest from the nurse when I woke up a few hours ago. The police managed to break up the mob after a couple of hours. A few of the group were brought in for minor injuries caused by the police. If they caused so much pain to a person and then attacked the police, why should they get treatment? That’s what I don’t get.

Anyway, before I could curl up and die, like I thought I was going to, a black haired, black eyed angel looked down at me. He picked me up and started to carry me to the hospital. I live on the outskirts of Stock Worthington, right by the hospital, so it didn’t take long. This...angel was so strong, I felt so comforted, I curled into his chest. I heard him whisper soothing words to me.

“It’s ok, love, we’re nearly there.”

“I won’t let you die.”

“You’re safe with me.”

I didn’t know who it was. I assumed I had lost a lot of blood and was hallucinating. But apparently, occurring to Janet (the nurse) he was real.

“Oh, this lovely young man brought you in.” She gushed

“He’s from Abbeyscroft. Dark hair, dark eyes, pale skin. Oh what’s his name?”

Oh no. It can’t be?  

The End

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