Chapter 3


20:20 pm

Pladdy and Gabriel are outside my house. There’s a group of their mates there as well. They want me out there-to fight them. I have to. I have to go out there. They’re gonna break the door down, and storm in and they’ll hurt Mum and Dad, and Mum’s so ill right now... 

I couldn’t live with myself if they hurt her. It would be my fault.

I have to go outside. Sure, they’ll hurt me-maybe kill me-but they’re trying the break the door down! They’re threatening my family! I have to go outside, to protect them!

No, I can’t! They’ll hurt me, I’ll be in the hospital, if not dead...I can’t leave Mum and dad alone...

You can’t leave them to be injured-possibly killed-by people who want you.

Dad’s calling the police. They won’t get here in time. But I can stall the mob. I have to. I’m going outside. 

The End

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