Chapter 2


11:35 pm

So there are these two jerks, k? One’s called Pete Pladdy and the other’s Nick Gabriel. Pladdy and Gabriel keep beating me up. It really agitates me (I’m improving my vocabulary for my English coursework) but Mum doesn’t understand. She says I should ignore it. How can you ignore someone’s fist in your stomach Mum?!

Pladdy’s girlfriend Marsha Drome keeps egging them on. They’re both big, muscly guys and I’m a small, weak guy, so I have no chance against them anyway, but when Marsha cheers them on its sort of invigorates Pladdy, but for some reason, it lessens Gabriel’s drive. (Only I could make that sound dirty lol) I hope it’s cause he likes me back, but let’s be honest. It’s probably ‘cause he gets tired.

I’m really worried though, cause lately they’ve started being more aggressive. They’ve started following me home, and I go home on a small packed bus, so I know they’re there.  My cuts and bruises are getting worse.  Dad’s been teaching me how to fight, but I don’t want to fight! I’m a lover, not a fighter!

Mum’s been feeling unwell recently. I’ve been telling her to go to see the doctor buts she so stubborn! I hope she gets better soon. 

The End

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