The Monotone Life of Adam Perkins

Join us, as we watch the life of typical teenager Adam Perkins deal with 'teenage stuff', family, school and love life-ha, as if!


20:34 pm


I don’t really know how to start this? Well, basic information first, I guess. My name is Adam Perkins. I’m 16, I was born in May 1993. I’m an only child, mum and dad were lucky having me apparently (don’t see why, I’m a fail). I have brown hair and eyes. (Why am I describing myself to a book? Lol)


Mum says I have to write in this about my feelings and my life because I’m in a social skills club at school. And an anger management club. Ok, I hit that guy, but he hit me first! Mum thinks I’m angry because I’m an only child, leading to lack of company as a child, leading to poor social skills, and that’s why I’m bullied. I don’t know how to tell her it’s because I came out to everyone at school.

I go to Thomas Edison Secondary School. It isn’t in my village of Stock Worthington but in Abbeyscroft, the local town. That’s where all the rich people live.  That’s where he lives.

Ok, so I like a guy! It’s no big deal really. All kids start having those feelings when they’re in their teens. I’m only different cause unlike most guys my age, I like a guy instead of a girl. It shouldn’t matter. The only thing is, the guy I like is called Nick Gabriel and he’s one of the guys who bully me. 

The End

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