Western Pennsylvania

A new voice on the CB catches the dangerously lax attention of our trucker as he continues into the long, flat stretch of western Pennsylvania. He reaches for his microphone and says, "That you, Bob?"

"TJ!" answers the radio. "Been a long time!"

"Been busy. Where you headed?"

"New York. You?"

TJ hesitates. "West."

"All right, then."

TJ asks, "You heard from Donna lately?"

"Yeah. Met her at a stop a couple days ago."

"She look ok?"


"She talk about me?"

Now Bob hesitates. "Little bit. Whatcha hauling?"

"Can't talk about it this time. Made me sign one of those non-disclosures. Look, I gotta make a stop. Later, Bob."

TJ presses the gas and drives past the next exit. He doesn't stop in Pennsylvania at all.

The End

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