Some really strange things happen after the disappearance of a baby.

Abby Ota is a part-time babysitter at the age of fourteen. The mother of their seven-month-old baby called her saying she and her husband had a date to go on tonight. Abby agreed and went over to their house. Abby walked by herself down the streets, wearing black leggings, a sweater, and boots. Her black hair is in a low ponytail. Once she got to the couple's house, she was welcomed and left with their son, Colin.

Abby placed him on the couch next to her while she settled in comfortably. She brought her phone and a fruit bar so she wouldn't have to go inside the refrigerator. Her phone rang, playing a small ringtone that Colin looked up at. "Hello?" She answered softly, hoping it wasn't a stranger. It was her friend, Jordan.

J: What're you doing today?
A: Babysitting. And you?

Abby watched as baby Colin made his way off the couch and she propped her feet on the rest of the seats. She heard what sounded like footsteps in the kitchen. Her pulse ramped up. She quickly glanced at Jace, who was chewing on his toy keys.

J: I'm at Beck's. I found a baby laying on the street for some reason.
A: Oh my gosh, now what heartless per--

The floorboard beside the stove groaned once. Twice. She froze—all her breath trapped. She was most definitely not alone. Someone was in the house. Then she looked beside her. "C-Colin?" She stammered.

J: Are you alright?
A: Yeah, I think that this baby probably crawled off somewhere.

Abby couldn't mask her fear--the baby suddenly disappeared.

The End

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