Evil stirrs in the heart of the City.
When their paths cross accidentally, an ancient prophecy unfolds, an ancient evil is unleashed, and they still don't know each other's name!

The night air was cold, making the young woman shiver as she exited the Dojo.

Pulling her coat tightly around her, she shuffled down the street, keeping her head bowed against the bitter chill of the wind.

Something felt wrong about the night and she glanced around her, suddenly nervous as the shadows seemed to grow larger in the dimly lit street. There was no indication that there was anyone in the area but herself, yet she had the distinct feeling that she was being watched and it sent chills up her spine.


The wind seemed to whisper her name and she almost broke into a run in her sudden desire to reach home as soon as possible.

Scurrying out onto a main street, she hailed a taxi and leaped into it, stammering out her address while staring hard at the shadows out the window of the car.

"You alright darlin'?" the driver seemed a little concerned at her agitated state and he half wondered whether or not she was one of those crazies you often heard about. He was tempted to ask her for the fare in advance in case she took off on him. But no, he noted her neat, well kept appearance and saw that her eyes were bright and alert. She wasn't crazy. She was scared. Well he didn't blame her, this side of town could be awfully dangerous at this time of the night. Which inevitably brought him to another question. What was she doing out here?

"I'm fine. Just cold. And I thought someone might have been following me."

Her soft lilting voice jolted him out of his daydreaming and he glanced once again at her in the mirror.

"Well I wouldn't put it past that lot. What's a nice southside girl like you doing in the north of the city anyway?" he ventured, his curiosity getting the better of him.

"I was visiting someone... a friend, of sorts." she smiled a tight smile. "But I don't think it was any of the common thugs that was following me." she glanced out the back window again and then turned and slouched low in the seat. "It felt a lot more sinister than that."

The taxi driver shook his head. These southsiders, always exaggerating things. He clicked his tongue happily in time to the song that had come on the radio. It was probably just a local drunk, thinking he was in with a chance that had been eyeing her up. She was a pretty little thing. All flaming hair and green eyes. What his grandaddy would have called a 'firecracker'.

All the while when he was thinking this, Christina sat slouched down, her legs bent at an awfully uncomfortable angle, as she tried to stay out of view. She realised she had placed the driver in danger, and she was regretting it every single second.

They wont find him....

She repeated this to herself over and over, fighting the urge to jump from the car and run.


Stumbling down the stairs the next morning, Christina opened the front door and picked up the newspaper, yawning as she closed the door and shuffled into the kitchen to make herself a cup of coffee.  She felt relaxed after her night's sleep and as she picked up her cup and crossed to the table she glanced down at the front page of the morning paper.

Taxi Driver Murdered In Assassination Style Shooting

The coffee cup fell in slow motion, shattering as it connected with the tiles, the boiling liquid splashing across her slippered feet while her eyes widened in horror. Last night's fear rushed back in to take its place in some deep cavity in her stomach as she stared at the photograph of the man who had dropped her at her front door, wished her a good night, and driven away whistling less than 12 hours before.

It sent a very personal message that rocked her to the core.

We're watching you.

The End

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