October 3, 2013- London England

October 3, 2013- London England

My name is Helen Henderson today I had died…

After a head on collision with a large commercial vehicle, it has become apparent that the crash was fatal, sending me straight into the River Thames. The moment that I realized that I was dead was when my mangled body was lying upon a mental gurney at Haringey Mortuary with my chest cavity cut open as if I was on display at an art museum.

For several moments, I watch as the mortician began sowing my lifeless body back together. When he was finished, I realized he was now filling my body with preservatives, which slows down the decomposition of my dead body.   And after that was finished he began to gently wash my lifeless body and dress me in a fine black silk dress my mother must have picked out for me, so that I looked my best for my own funeral.

An hour had past when the mortician received a phone call from my mother asking if it was all right that, she and my father come down and see my body before the funeral tomorrow. He agreed and within half an hour after the phone call both my parents were standing over my body with tears streaming down there fragile faces as they were huddled together deep in pray whilst focusing on the amount of people showing up for my funeral tomorrow.  It was hard to watch as both my parents began to walk away, it was then that I reached out to touch them, but knew it was impossible since I was dead.

The End

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