The MomentMature

 Last night, when we were on the couch and you were passing out while cuddling me, against my back I could feel your heart beating through your chest and neck.  It made me think how real you are. That you are in fact, in my life; loving me and I loving you. That this is not a dream and you exist, that you are mine ; that we have a chance to live a life together. A chance to live our life the way we want.

How we met was the way how any ordinary college students would meet. There was no passing glance, no love at first sight. It all started in our second year of college, simply sitting beside each other. I remembered him from first year as being the most knowledgeable person in our class. At least most knowledgeable to me. he impressed me most with his verbal skills. The way his thoughts were so intricate and expressed with such ease, I'll admit, made me jealous of him. I didn't  possess the same skills as he did. It was hard for me to talk without stumbling over my words. Don't get me wrong, I can speak fine and can get my point across but there were moments where if I was set in front of an audience, I would get terribly tongue tied. It was a month into the new semester and our class had an assignment which required having to be in partners. I always made a point sitting beside him; I made it my mission to get to know him. Unfortunately, he was paired we someone else which needless to say bummed me out, especially when I summed up all my courage to ask him to be my partner. There really is no pain like the sting of rejection, even if it was just for a project.. Regardless, even if he wasn't my partner, the ice had been broken and we began to start those slightly awkward small talk, those ,"hey, how's it goin'?" and "oh, nothing much, yous?". It went on like this for a week or before we made the first breakthrough of an actual question.

The End

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