The Moebius Trip: I

April 9, 2047

“Don’t do this, Dr. King!” Jamie protested, even as I had pulled the harness over my shoulders and clicked it in place. “I’m getting a bad feeling about it!”

There were three of us in the chamber; myself, Jamie, and Amora, my TA. A fourth student, Peter, was going over diagnostics in the control booth.

“Edward, the math looks sound, but there’s really no way to safely test out your theory.” To my chagrin, Amora felt entitled to be on a first name basis with me.

“There’s one way,” I shot back. “Now hand me my mask and clear the chamber.”

Amora gave me a pair of opaque glasses. As the students retreated, I said, “If this works, I’ll find a way to let you know. I may even be in the hall right now, 80 years old!”

I felt a chill go up my spine as I heard the chamber lock.

“Ready to proceed,” Peter said over the intercom.


The engines primed and grew to a deafening high pitched whine. Soon, even through the goggles, I saw everything go blindingly white…

The End

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