The New MonsterMature

Why would my boss give me this? This must just be a misunderstanding and the part that is supposed to be for me is all of these great scientific discoveries. I must have been given them to spark new ideas so I can continue to help the planet and rid it of all diseases. This journal entry is the one item that does not follow the trend of a scientific discovery. But as curing cancer is a scientific discovery is creating life not? What if I was meant to read this in an attempt to create a better humanity. Perhaps the disease is not the disease itself, maybe it is humanity that plagues the planet. It is possible that nature is trying to cleanse itself of the disease that has plagued it.

I was given this collection of discoveries to come to the realization that perhaps this book is just the barrier that mother nature has to climb over. I could also be a defiance of god, and this man made being is sent to cleanse us of the plague that is humanity. What if this responsibility has been left to me? I am a terrific scientist and I have the knowledge to do something that would solve everything. I must sleep on this to comprehend what I have just learned.

I have just returned from the office to hear the most peculiar thing. A fellow co-worker just asked me about my deformities again, but that reminded me of what I had read in the journal. The man made monster was put together with random body parts. I do not remember getting these deformities so is it possible that I am the creation the journal spoke of. Perhaps I have been created to fix what my creator had started. My creator defied god and I shall be the one to fix the mistake that god has done, which is solving the problem that is humanity.

What if one was to discover my plan and what would be done to me? What if I am just playing a game in my head and this is just one big mistake. I must hide the secret of my creation or else terrible things would happen. I have spent my life work trying to make my race the most superior to all of the others on the planet, but I have only made the humans more strong. But, if I am not human what am I? I was raised by humans and taught by humans and I work with humans so does that not make me human? I believe it does but what if they don’t see it that way what if they see me as a plague and they cure me by eradicating me.

I must keep this a secret because if anyone were to find out terrible things would happen and my life currently is magnificent except for this cursed journal. What must I do the stress is so significant that I can’t work and that is suspicious because that is all I do. What if there was another way? A way that involved the humans not discovering who I am because I am no longer with them. I glanced at the journal and as I read the last few entries, it dawned upon me. The only way life can be created is through birth, but I was not born I was created. Therefor if I disappeared the same as my creator it would not be death or suicide, it would just be nothing. My time is up, there is no point on being caught and being returned to the fate of my creator. I will do it myself for I am a creation. This is the last plague to rid of this wretched place before I am through. My achievements are not of man so as I disappear so do they, this is the last mark on the planet that I shal make. I am including this in the book as my final breathe and discovery.

The End

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