The manufactued Existance continuedMature

November 28th, 17-86

After a large deal of revisiting and weighing out the possible outcomes and what I want to achieve I have decided the use of a robotic exoskeleton isn’t powerful enough to create life. It is creating a false human that is actually robotic which could be potentially terrifying to many which is not what I have set out to accomplish. Therefore, I have decided to advance with my original success. I will have all of the parts I require to create such a brilliant Idea.

December 2nd, 17-86

To my delight the cold and depression of the seasons hath not yet landed and merely only approaches which allows the earth to cease its freeze now. I have obtained all of the parts I require to begin assembling  my masterpiece. The horrific limbs I collected were all in proportion to that of a normal specimen. This was to maintain the look and feel of normality and this can be achieved because it is less challenging to connect veins and small organs as it once was. This is due to the evolution of science that has allowed the implements of x-rays and small cameras to allow vision of what occurs within the creation. I am very excited to begin production of this pure scientific genius.

December 8th, 17-86

I have began assembly of the creation that will no doubt change the planet, from which will result in the construct of life without requiring a mate. I began by attaching the major limbs together, to form a human like figure where I will begin the assembly of life. I first sewed the head to the torso which was trying because for the artificial human to have the ability to move it’s head the stitches would come out so this “human” will not have the ability to move it’s head, but alive nonetheless! Then came the arms, once again because they were sewed to the torso movement was only capable from the forearms down. Finally, the legs were sutured, but because they pose the same issue as the head and arms the capability to walk will be limited to no walking capability at all. For now this will suffice, but despite the misfortune that has come to this being it will be alive and all that matters is that life was created.

December 27th, 17-86

The body has been assembled all that must be completed is the attachment of the of the internal organs that were generously donated by various people. The body is under a CAT scan apparatus to view what the specimen’s internal systems appear to be. I cut the being open and began to attach the internal organs in their correct location, an example diagram has been provided to how this shall appear normally. This was the most challenging process due to the sheer number of systems required within the normal human body. After the internal parts were attached, the nose and ears were fastened to the body. This was done last because it was easier to attach them if the rest of the body’s systems were functioning.

March 22nd, 17-87

These past few months I have had little to no sleep because I have been working so diligently on my creation. Inside I don’t want to go to sleep in fear he might come to life and walk away. This would be the worst possible thing because then someone else will take the credit and I won't get my award. For this reason I have sacrificed sleep in order to protect and create this amalgamation of life.

March 27th, 17-87

I have decided how I shall bring a breath into my creation, it shall work because it makes the most logical sense. I shall place a defibrillator to start the heart and begin pumping blood, but simultaneously I shall send electrical impulses through the brain just as if they were brain signals. This makes the being come to life because if all of the systems are working then it theoretically should rise up and capture the spark of what once was the elixir of life.

April 1st, 17-87

This isn’t a birthday because birth was not given on this day only life. My pure inarguable genius has worked, the being is alive!. After the first attempt I created the electrical impulses to be in closer intervals which was enough power to restart the systems and yes, life has now been created.

April 2nd, 17-87

He hath fled. My creation of pure scientific genius has been stolen just as I hath feared, it is the men in suits. They consistently steal my creations, and create billions of them. My creativity and fame is stolen and to reduced quality. They keep me alive by nurturing me. In return they steal my ideas, and produce them as their own to feed their consumption of constant entertainment. Why must i continuously be this lab rat? I have become their invention. In the way that I attempt to create fame off my inventions, they create fame off me. There is no purpose on continuing this wretched world. Where the creation’s life began, mine shall conclude.

The End

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