Manufactured ExistenceMature

Manufactured Existence

Christopher Blenkarn

November 2nd, 17-86

I had just awoken to intercept the aggressive downpour of the river, that has cursed the morning. The lightning was violently thrashing amongst the dark sky. I had begun to ponder how life could have ever decided to come to form in such a wretched place. I began pondering the thought of electricity, and rapidly contemplated the experiments conducted by Mr. Benjamin Franklin. I have been observing the most interesting research regarding the prospects of Galvanism. They have managed to fool the uneducated, by forcing their hand so that they can resurrect people back to life using electricity. The reality of this grand misconception is it is just a muscle contraction. I can now comprehend where many large advancements, in the art that is natural science were hereby influenced.

November 5th, 17-86

I continued to comprehend the attempts that of the true brilliance, that is the scientific studies of galvanism. I have begun to wonder if the world that is alive currently, would have the advancements that could suffice in actually re-creating the beauty that is life. Many people have researched in the field of stem cells and prosthetic limbs. I may attempt to use this bewitched technology in the creation of life. It may be a positive outcome that has the potential to accomplish things none others could accomplish. Such creation could be the beginning of something new in the realm of natural science.

November 8th, 17-86

I have began to look into the beauty that is stem cells. The creation of prosthesis is possible, but it is a road with a mountain on it and thus we cannot pass because to bring life into this world one must sacrifice the parts thus required as a new host to create the beauty of life. Perhaps it would be possible to grow the body parts using these so-called stem cells and the remains required to uncover this crime of our Creator must be found in other means. This could be impossible for most but since none are to the caliber of genius I withhold it shall be achieved and will be remembered with high honour till the end of time.

November 12th, 17-86

I have attained the vilel rodents and have begun the production of the small parts required to create a new human, but to attain the parts the rodents must pass from one life to the next in order to create the substance of the new. The majority of the creation shall be more confusing and will require more study, because the rodents aren’t substantial enough to grow the more required limbs, so I shall observe another means of attaining them. This shall pose a substantial barrier to overcome and is essential to create this exceptional invention. I will perhaps require to use a few more mechanical parts and prosthetic parts. I shall conduct more substantial research if there is no other means that I can get the essential parts. As for the internal organs the production of them is underway and in the name of science many organ donors have gifted them for “Research” so in that department we are well underway. As for key organs that are unable to be acquired before death, well, they have been acquired as people die. I will receive the organs that we have requested in great generosity of these once proud organ carriers.

November 20th, 17-86

All progression on attaining large body parts has come to a halt for the reality of attaining them is too challenging and too time consuming in a way that could be considered ethical. I have just recently attained an article regarding the research of super sensitive electronic skin. I will have to read and comprehend further into this but I am confident it may solve the problem that we hath faced. I could create a robotic exoskeleton and layer it with this electronic skin to fool many uneducated people. I will have to ponder and review this and decide what the further course of action shall be taken.

The End

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