Something UnusualMature

Something Unusual

My eyes widened and swirled around me.

I couldn’t see anything stopping me from running away, but something seemed to be stopping me like a silent force that was unable to break.

Fear shocked in my throat, I screamed, as soon as I did, the womans eyes turned to there original colour.

I blinked, my heart pounding in my chest, feeling every beat was like a drum, beating to its doom.

“What is it dear?”

I shook my head, what had just happened. Still feeling a bit shaken I asked,

“What happened to your eyes?”

“What?” the old woman stared at me, her eyes wide with concern.

“Um, your eyes, um, “

“Dear, I think I, think, you should come in” she gestured to the soft brown wooden door, it looked very inviting for some reason.

“Well, I am hungry” I trudged carefully towards the door, my eyes itching, my heart still pounding, but less hard now, what was going on?

The feeling of unease surged through my vanes as soon as I stepped into the doorway, statues filled every corner of the room, eyes full of fear of their last sight, my breath quickened,

“You know, I actually should get going, I have a very tight, scedu”

I was interrupted by a slightly croaked meow, I looked down the cat stared at me with a look of interest.

I crouched down,

“Hello” the cat carried on staring at me, stared into my eyes with the most unusual stare.

As I stood up I asked, “Why does your cat look like that?”

“Hu” the woman looked at me blankly, with a hunched look.

“Um, your cat, he’s looking at me funnily”

“Oh, Mystic can be quiet funny sometimes, ignore him”

I didn’t quite like how she said ignore him, so I carried on looking at him, with interest,

A few minutes later the woman came in with two cups of tea,
“Well, sit down” she ushered, flapping her wrinkly hand towards a dusty purple chair, I sat down on the edge, still feeling cautious.

“So, dear” with her sweet talk, “How old are you?”
“Why do you want to know?” I muttered, looking down at the ground, knowing she had her red eyes again.
“Well, why a young girl would be wandering about the woods without somebody with them,”

I clenched my hands around the warm tea, not daring to drink it, what should I say, I was on a secret mission, to destroy something, or what? What else was I going to do?

“Well, I’m not sure, I just wanted a walk, that’s all” I carried on looking down at the floor, feeling all my senses telling me something was wrong, the cat was still staring at me, with its piercing gaze,

My breathing quickened again, my hands felt like lava, sweating with unease, my heart pounding in my chest.

“Yes, yes, of course” I caught at the corner of my eye, a flash of movement, what did she just do.

“Um, I think I should go”, I paused, “Now”

“Oh, but what about your tea, I can see you haven’t finished”
“Oh, yes, I’m not thirsty, sorry” I murmured, my eyes closing hoping for a miracle.
“Ok, dear”

My head shot up to her, my head full of confusion, why was she letting my go now?
this was so strange.

“But, dear, before you go, could I have a picture of you, just for a memory. You see I don’t have many people come to see me”
“Um” the cat stared harder, what was up with that cat. “Well, I’m going to have to really hurry, my parents what my home, before the sun sets, and it’s a long way away, a really long way”

“But, just one photo, just one click” I didn’t like how she said click, my eyes wandered to the statues, why were they so petrified, everything clicked into place, the cat looking at me like that, the statues so terrified, and how was the old lady here, when this was a spirit world.

I sprang to my feet; the old woman must of known, and flung herself to the camera,

“One, click, dear, just one click”
“No, thanks” I clenched my teeth, “I don’t want to be turned into stone”







The End

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