An Old WomanMature

An Old Woman

I walked towards the gates of Elixa, they had beautiful patterns, wings of every shape and size filled the gaps of the bars, dragons with fire breathing out of them, but what made me stop was the person on top of the dragon, they didn’t have a sword in their hand, they just had their palm sticking out, magic flew out, while I looked the image seemed to shift, moving slittely I saw the man yell something, more magic came out, the dragon shifted too and had a look of wisdom in it’s eyes.

I shook my head, trying to forget what I saw as it disturbed me, why? I did not know.

I now understood why heroes and heroines were always so bossy and grumpy, walking so far was tiring. I did not know how long this journey would take to the “place” but I knew one thing it would take all my strength and courage to get there.

After midday I managed to lift my aching head and look around me, before my eyes was a cafe with astrodonary figures in the windows. Their faces looked scared and foreboding. Every face was different. Aswell as humans there were other animals too, strange and weary ones. I couldn’t identify what species they were as they didn’t look like any animal I’d seen before.

I walked forward intrigued by these things. I took a tentative step towards a animal with a face of anger. But when I looked closer its eyes were frightened and hungry.

There were several of these creature figures. All of them which made me shiver.

“Hello” a female voice said softly behind me. Which made me jump, I turned around startled.

“I’m sorry, I was just”

The old woman shook her head, grinning slightly, “Don’t worry dear, I’m proud to show them off” she paused looking at me with stern grey eyes, “But you must be worned they do give a strange look in their eyes and if you look too much, you might be just like” she broke off as a black and white cat trotted towards us, his eyes were greener than grass and piercingly bright.

“Hello, Mystic”

“Mystic?” I asked looking at the old woman who was now stroking the cat on the head.

“Yes, dear, Mystic, that’s the cats name”

I didn’t understand but I had a strange feeling up my spine. I shifted a bit, as I did so the woman’s eyes shot up at me like a dagger. I gasped her eyes had turned bright red.

“Would you like to come in for lunch?” she asked with such a sweet silvery touch in her voice, it was hard to say no.

“Um, “ I blinked a few times, sweat starting to trickle down my face. “Well”

The End

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