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Spirit World

A rush of wind caught my breath away, as it seemed my own fear was driving me away.

I screamed trying to reach anything in my grasp, but it seemed that all the objects that were strong enough to hold me and keep me from flying forward were just out of reach.

As I flew forward, I heard a voice inside my head, it was soft but lonely.

“Listen to us, please listen to us” the voice said, “We are here, we are here, breath”

I did as it said, and before  I knew it I was dragged of my feet, and I flew into night blackness.

I couldn’t breathe, I couldn’t see, I couldn’t do anything. For a moment I thought I was dead, gone.

But a bright light then filled my eyes, I blinked, suddenly a spirit flew forward towards me, it was the same spirit that had been in my dream.

“Do not be afraid my dear” it said in a calm, delicate voice “ We shall not arm thee” It was strange but, I felt oddly calm and relaxed, like I had just stepped into a relaxation bath.

“Where, where am I?” I asked, my throat closing around my voice.

“You are in Elixa, the world of Spirits” her voice drifting slightly. It was funny but, she was beautiful. Her figure was a slender and harmless; her eyes stared at you with affection and the way she spoke. It seemed the very earth was just a dream.

“This isn’t what I expected at all” I remarked, a soft breeze drifted by, I shivered slightly.

“Yes, it has changed,” she paused “Greatly”

I felt her depression, her affection to the place, and the fear that was in her.

A sudden burst of light filled the sky, raining fire on my bare arms.

Hot, black burns singed there way into my skin.

“What was that?”I asked out of bewilderment, my eyes shining with pain.

“That is what is happening to our land” the spirit whispered even quieter “This will soon happen to all our world, if it is not stop quickly”

“But what am I supposed to do about it”

“There is a place, that is said to be the resting place, it might be the place where all questions are answered”

I nodded, then asked.
“Where is this place you speak of?”
“It’s where all great people are, all that are stopping this, it is a long way away, but I know you can do it, with some help of course”

After she told me the directions to the place , she told me,

“I shall help as best I can with my powers, but it shall be hard, on your part, as much as mine.”

I nodded grimly, this was not what I had expected, but all I knew was these spirits needed my help and it seemed to be my duty to help them.

A question kept buzzing in my head, but I couldn’t quiet grasp it.


The End

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