Sunlight streamed through the patchwork curtains. My eyes felt heavy with sleep, and my head ache from the dream last night. I got up, feeling the soft, comforting carpet under my bare sore feet, from running from place to place. For a part time job I was a messenger, I had to run errands for people and give messages for important people, boring hu.

Fear clutched my heart when I found the room full of white mist. It was like it had just come, to show me not to forget the strange dream I had last night, the one with the spirits screaming and fear.

No this wasn’t just a dream, it was real. I wished I didn’t believe that, but of course my pathetic heart had to tell me so.

I flung my clothes on, hurrying down stairs knowing my dad would freak at how late I was. Sprinting down the stairs, jumping down two at a time. I imagined how my aunt would react to this strange thing. What would she say?, Not even I could know this.

Fumbling with my zip, I breathed deeply, before opening the kitchen door, ready for a shout of anger. But none came, not a single sigh. Frowning I looked up, no one was there.

“Mum?” I walked to the back door, “Dad” I murmured shakily, cursing his name. Still no answer. What was happening, was someone trying to play a trick on me. In that case, it wasn’t nice.

“Hello!” I called, I ran to the stairs, calling again. I couldn’t hear a sound. This was so odd. I always came down last, always. I remembered the mist in my bedroom. Did that have something to do with my disappearing family.

I walked up slowly to my room, hoping for a rational solution. But no, it wasn’t to be. Of course a spirit so deathly white I was blinded at first.

“Why are you here, what’s happening?” I asked fearing the worst. Why did they come to me, me of  all people. I know I could feel some sort of spirit presence that not one believed but this was completely out of proportion.

The spirit shimmered angrily.

“Living humans, so rude”

 I jumped not imagining it would talk.

“Hum, hi” I uttered.

“I’m here to tell you bad tidings” the spirit spoke with a series of accents, it was weird but I never imagined a spirit had an accent. Yeah, weird.

“Bad things have happened in our land, things have changed and I’m not sure how.”

“What do you mean, everything changes, even you and me” I said wondering what on earth or what ever place she came from, she was on about.

“What about my family?” I asked roughly.

“As I said, I have bad tidings” she stopped for breath, or if she could breath that’s what she did, “I have no idea where you family are, but somehow they’re some place where even I haven’t heard of, as I would of known about them.”

I breathed heavily, I never really thought about it, but I did care for them, even though I hated my dads guts out, and my mum was so paranoid, oh and Alice was so sickly sweet, they were the closest thing to family I had, and I felt afraid for them.

“But, how can this happen, I’m just Ginger Aentha Althea, I’ve got nothing against”

“Yes, I know child, but as I have just told you I have no idea where you family is, so I have no idea who has taken them, understand”

“Yeah, I understand” a feeling of greif filled my body, my family might be gone forever. How could this happen.

“My dear, you are the child that will give peace and humanity to our land, not only that but life and free will. You my child are the chosen one” the spirit looked at me with such ore, but a spur of hatred swam with it.

“But, no, I Ca”

“You are!” the spirit spat “and so be it, you understand”

“NO!” I shouted, “I’m not, I have been Ginger all my life, just Ginger and I will carry on being just Ginger for the rest of my confusing life, you understand!” anger shot through me like a blood thirsty arrow, trying to drink as much blood as it could, hatred and utter astonishment seethed through my veins, and making me feel dizzy.

A blast of light flung itself into my eyes. The force was anger and furious, it made me disconnected from life, unsure of myself. I tried to cling on to every last human particle.

What was happening, I knew she was doing something to me, the spirit screeched on last thing,

“You have never known what you are” the blast altered somehow, and turned to a faint mist. It suddenly hit me as fast as a jet ray, she was the mist. The light in my dream must of been the big change, and she thinks I’ll save her land.

What the heck was going on?

I was Ginger Aentha Althea, I couldn’t be anyone else, it wouldn’t be right. Could I?

The End

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