The MistMature

A girl called Ginger. As you can see, she's got ginger hair, she's quiet brave, serious and a bit waky.
It's about spirits, and magic. So if you don't like that sort of stuff, don't read this.
But if you do like it, please. I'd like to know if I should carry on this story.
If you do like, please tell me. And if I need to add more, take away bits, or grammer errors.
Plus some nice helpfull tips.
Thanks. Hope you like it.

The Mist

The Dark Night

The night was black like a advert for a horror movie. All the street lights that normally lite up the whole street was cut out by a unusual power cut.

I stared out of my bedroom window looking out at the black, darkness that fell down on Sparrow Road. A rush of cold, hopelessness drowned over me, like a cold wind had floated by. Why tonight? this was a bad omen, why tonight?

The night before someone had left to next world. Another world that spirits go to. Lots of people don’t believe me when I say, I know what they see and hear.

People ask, “How do you know, your joking?” or “Silly girl, don’t be to imaginative.” But no, their wrong. I can see and hear them, in my mind in my head.

They stir in my mind, like thousands of deadly souls crying out to me. It hurts, so hurts. Hurts too much, but hurts too little.

Why does this night have to be dark, and silent?

There was no cars out, no street lights and no sound.

Creepy, eerie and a little mysterious.

A knock came crashing down on my door. I jumped, flinched knowing that that would be my dad, shouting at me for crying and saying it doesn’t matter she’s gone. But it does, it so does.

“Ginger!” the booming voice of my dad came hurtling towards me.

“Ginger, why, why can’t you be more like your sister, she’s younger than you and still she doesn’t cry”

“I know, but..”

“Listen to me young lady, your sister Alice knows that it doesn’t matter if someone dies, it’s life and she gets it”

“No!, you listen to me, I’m not your daughter ok, I’m an orphan, and..” yet again I was interrupted,

“YES!, and we took you in, into out house, cleaned you, looked after you, you should be thankful that we took you in at all, and for that you should obey my rules, in my house!”

Every nerve in my body shook, like a hundred shock waves rocketing around my blood.

“Ye, yes, sir” my voice shattered, bringing tears with it, making my dad bark up the wrong tree again.



The End

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