Titan goes to Ethan's house

“So, do you play sports or any other hobbies besides skating?”

“Oh yeah!  Music is like my life, I can show you my large CD collection!” Ethan replied, as the boys came up to his house. “Just follow me, dude…”

Ethan skated up the driveway to the front door of his house. Then he opened the door, and let Titan in. The two boys then walked through the living room and the dining room into the hallway until they reached his bedroom. Once inside, Ethan showed Titan his stereo, his guitar, and a large CD rack holding hundreds of CD’s.

“Whoa! You’re really into music!” Titan gasped, as the huge CD rack extended all the way up to the ceiling.

“Yeah, I have to use a small step ladder to get to the top rack” Ethan chuckled.

On the other side of the room, the wall was covered with posters of rock bands, fighter jets, and personalities from TV shows and movie stars.

“Do you see a familiar poster hanging on my wall anywhere?” Ethan asked his guest with a sly grin.

Titan walked over to the wall and carefully scanned it from left to right and stopped when he recognized his picture on the top right corner. He then slowly allowed his body to rise up off the ground, and hovered over to where the picture was pinned to the wall using thumbtacks.

“Here! I found it! You have a poster of me!” Titan pointed out.

“Yeah! I think it’s so cool that you’re here in person. Could you sign it for me?” Ethan asked him, as he handed Titan a black marker.

Titan reached down and took the marker from him, and quickly signed his name on the bottom right corner of the poster which bore his image. He flashed a brilliant smile as he handed the marker back to Ethan. Then, the young hero floated back to where Ethan was standing and landed back with his white boots on the floor.

“Well, I guess we’d better get back outside again, before the others start wondering where we are, huh?”

“Yeah, let’s go!” Ethan replied, as he led Titan back out the door and on to the street. Both boys then hopped back on their skateboards and skated back towards the area where Jesse, Eric and Nathan were waiting.

The End

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