Titan meets the skaters

“Guys, do you know who this is?” Erik whispered to the others.

“That’s Titan! He’s the guy who helps the cops, ya know, he helps them with all the criminals and stuff…”

“Are we in some sort of trouble?” Nathan asked him out loud.

“Oh no!” Titan assured him. “Not at all! Why do you say that?”

“Because you help the police…”

“No! I just saw you guys skating, and I was wondering if I could join you… That’s all!” Titan assured them.

Jesse folded his arms in front of his chest as he took a step forward, while placing his foot on his board, which was on the ground before him.

“Why would a guy like you want to even hang out with a bunch of ordinary dudes like us?” he asked the young hero. “After all, you can do something that none of us can; you can fly!”

“Yeah, but… When I’m up there, I’m all alone… Every now and then I’d like to hang out with other guys, too… The only way for me to do that, is to stay on the ground…” Titan replied sadly. “That’s why I was hoping I could chill with you guys…”

“Is that your board?” Jesse asked him.

“Yup, it’s mine… I’ve had it for awhile…” Titan said, as he bent down and picked it up from the ground with one hand.

Jesse walked over to Titan and reached out his hand.

“Can I see?”


Titan handed him his skateboard and he looked on, as Jesse turned it upside down and examined it. Jesse examined the trucks and the wheels, and then he took a close look at the top and the bottom of the old, light brown skateboard, before he handed it back to Titan.

“That looks like an old board you got there…” he replied. “It looks like it could use a new paint job…Not to mention some new grip tape too, bro!”

“Well, I used to ride it a lot, but I just haven’t had the time to ride it recently. I get called into work more often, so I haven’t had the time to ride it that much anymore…” Titan explained, as he took the board back from Jesse.

“To work?” Jesse wondered.

“Well, you know… The whole superhero thing…”

“Ahh… Well, I could paint your board for you, if you want me too…” Jesse offered him. “Just let me know. It usually takes me a day or two to fix up a board and let it dry. I can have it looking like new again…”

“Sure…” Titan shrugged. “Lemme think about it!”

“Well, anyway, I’m Jesse…” Jesse said to him. “These are my friends, we all live here in the neighborhood. That’s Erik, Nathan, and Ethan…” he said as he pointed to each of the boys respectively.

“Cool! Pleased to meet ya! My name is Titan…”

“Hey Titan!” Ethan said, as he got on his board and started skating down the street. “ Wanna race?”

“Sure!” the young hero grinned, as he readily accepted the challenge. He immediately set his board on the ground and hopped on it with his left foot, while pushing off on the ground with his right foot. He picked up speed right away and easily caught up to Ethan, who was only a few feet ahead of him. Titan realized that he could easily overtake him, but he didn’t want to discourage him, so he held back and stayed just slightly behind him.

“So, do you live around here?” the young hero asked him.

“Yeah, my house is the next street over…”

The End

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