The Missing Skateboard

Titan joins a group of kids while flying over their street. They invite him to go ride his skateboard with them.

The enormous American flag was steadily blowing in the stiff breeze, from atop a well known government building, which was located in downtown Washington, D.C.  Right next to the tall, predominant flagpole, a young figure, wearing a red-and-blue costume with white boots, touched down on the rooftop of the building. The figure slowly navigated the rooftop, showing no fear of heights at all, as he slowly walked up to the edge of the building and looked up at the large Star-Spangled Banner. Then, the youth sat down on the edge, and allowed his legs to dangle along the edge of the brick building, as he placed his elbows on his thick, muscular thighs and he rested his chin in the palms of his hands so he could peer down at the people walking in the street below.

As the boy stared at the people below, he hummed to a tune of a song out of pure boredom. The boy was about twelve years old; he was short, only 5 foot and 2 inches tall, and very muscular, and he arrived on the rooftop by an amazing ability to defy gravity, an ability that he was given when he was only six years old. In fact, this ability was not his only one, but he was famous for being the strongest kid on the planet; his name was Titan.

“Man, there has been nothing exciting going on for a while; not one emergency, rescue, criminal activity, nothing…” Titan sighed, as he looked down the side of the building past his white boots. “I’m feeling so bored right now…”

As he sat there on the lonely rooftop a little while longer, he saw several cars ride by past the building where he was sitting. Several people were bustling like ants marching below him, window shopping and admiring the display cases of the stores below. Everything seemed fine, and he concluded that he wasn’t needed.  After all, he carried his emergency cell phone with him that the Police Commissioner had given him, graciously a few short months ago.  He knew that if there was anything that warranted his attention, he was a short phone call away.

The young hero quickly stood up and took to the sky with a mighty leap. His body rose up into the air, and he quickly flew high over the downtown DC landscape.  He then banked to the right and flew over the park, where dozens of people were walking around. Several children were wandering around the park, and a few of them had spotted him as he flew in a slow and low flight pattern over the park. They pointed at him and started waving at him right away.  After all, it was not that hard to spot Titan as he flew over the city.

Titan continued to glide over the park, enjoying the panoramic view of the city he loved and protected from a vantage point that only he could enjoy.  As he passed over the park, he realized that he was approaching a large neighborhood, which was on the opposite side of town from where the Knight’s lived. He rarely visited this side of town, so it was a new area for him. Titan had silently hoped to maybe be able to make some new friends on this side of town.  He knew that for the most part people would be interested in him because he was Titan.  The muscular youth prayed that someone would befriend him as a person first, not just Titan.

Suddenly, while surveying the neighborhood, he noticed a couple of boys who were hanging out in the middle of the street. The community had narrow streets, where all the houses were built relatively close to each other. The streets had wide, concrete sidewalks and all the mailboxes were identical. People had parked their cars in their driveways, and children were either playing in the yards, or they were riding their bikes or scooters in the streets.

A small group of teens had caught Titan’s eye from above. They were all skateboarding all over the place.  Each doing tricks with varying difficulties.  One was kick flipping over a small crate that he had set in the street, while the others were ramping off the sidewalk into the street.  Titan saw the kids performing such skilled and amazing tricks.  He became increasingly intrigued by the complexity of the kids’ abilities.

Even though Titan was someone with powers and abilities beyond imagination, he was still a kid after all. He decided to test the waters and see if he could enjoy the normal activities he observed.  Titan thought to himself that it could be difficult, but he was willing to try and have a little normal fun.  He counted four boys from the sky, each with his own skateboard.  The only thing missing was his board. Titan noted the location and the street name, and he turned around and flew back to his house to retrieve his board. He came back within ten seconds, carrying his old skateboard in his arm.

The four boys were casually hanging out at the curb of the street where they all lived. Ethan was short Samoan kid, with black hair, originally from Hawaii, but had lived in San Diego for most of his life. He was sitting on the curb, looking up at Jesse, who was showing off some of his new skateboard-tricks.

Jesse was the biggest kid of the group. He was chubby and tall, with brown hair and blue eyes. His skating ability was amazing, and he had a knack of fixing anything on a board, except the occasional broken decks.

Nathan was a shy, skinny blonde boy who did not argue or fuss with anyone.  All he wanted to do was to ride his board and learn new tricks. He wasn’t a good skater, but he worked relentlessly at learning new tricks whenever he could.

Finally, there was Erik. Erik was tall and skinny with long, brown hair. He was friends with anyone, and he just loved to skate and it showed. He didn’t have a lot of friends except for the ones that he skated with on a daily basis.

Nathan and Jesse were skating around, side-by-side, as Ethan sat on the sidewalk while Erik stood on the sidewalk and looked on. Suddenly, a red, flying figure in the sky had caught Erik’s eye.
“Guys! Look up there! Look up in the sky!” Erik said, as he pointed up to the sky at a flying, red boy, who was carrying something under his arm.

“Who’s that?” Ethan wondered out loud.

Titan slowly circled around and then hovered right above the center of the street, stopping just above the spot where Jesse was riding his skateboard. Then he slowly started to descend to the ground, with his legs pointed down and his boots touching down on the pavement first.

“Wow… Look at him! That dude can fly!” Nathan gasped, as he watched Titan land a few feet away from him.

All four boys stopped and starred with slack-jawed amazement, as Titan approached them slowly, while holding his board under his arm. When he got close enough to them, he dropped his skateboard on the ground before him, and he placed his right foot on the center of the board.

“Mind if I join you guys?” Titan asked them cautiously.

For a few seconds, none of them dared to answer. What seemed like an eternity passed like a few seconds, until Erik finally spoke up.

The End

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