The Missing Love.Mature

Another story I had done a few years ago.

Seth was sitting on his bedroom floor, watching a young girl sleep among his covers. His long, skinny legs were stretched out in front of him. Seth's black hair was beginning to become long, almost covering his gorgeous blue eyes. A black and blue mark rested on his left cheek, standing out against his pale skin.

Seth turned his gaze to a picture on his bedside table. A beautiful blond girl, with green eyes, and a small, curvy body. Her stomach was exposed, due to the belly shirt she wore. Seth remembered the softness of her skin under his fingertips...The warmth of her body on his...The taste of her lips...The passionate kiss she always gave him...Most of all he remembered how it felt to hold her in his arms...

Seth came back to reality when the little girl stirred. He watched her until she relaxed, and went back to sleep. Seth picked a book up off his floor, and flipped it open to where he had left off, and began reading. He read for a few minutes, then closed the book, losing interest. Seth stood, and headed downstairs to the kitchen, looking for something with sugar in it. He found a bag of cookies, and went outside, leaving the door open.

Seth sat down on the front steps of the porch, and ate one of the cookies. He watched as a silver Volvo pulled up into the driveway. His mom was home.

A semi-tall woman with long skinny legs, and a completely flat stomach stepped out of the car. Her long, brown hair curled over her shoulders. She wore a belly shirt, and a skirt that only went down to her upper thighs. She headed up the walkway, leading to the front steps, where Seth was sitting.

"Where's Kelsi?" She asked.

"Upstairs, sleeping." Seth replied.

"Okay, well, why don't you come inside, and help me find something for dinner?" She asked.

"Okay Mom." He replied, standing up to go inside, as she followed.

Instead of going straight to the cupboards to look, Seth sat down at his normal spot at the far side of the kitchen table. He rested his elbow on the table, and rested his head on his hand.

"What are you in the mood to eat?" His mom asked.

"How about spaghetti?" Seth suggested.

"Sounds good to me." She said, turning to the cupboards to get everything ready to cook.

Bored, Seth got up from the table, and went upstairs to get the book he was trying to read earlier that day. He took a long glance at Kelsi sleeping on his bed. Seth ran his fingers through her soft black hair, careful not to wake her.

'She truly is a spitting image of her, just as everyone said.' He thought to himself.

He pulled his hand away, and went back downstairs.

"I'll be outside." Seth said, as he walked past the kitchen.

Seth walked down the front steps, and sat in the front yard. He flipped his book open, and began reading, all his thoughts completely lost in the pages of the book.

*                                                                             *                                                                    *

Crystal, Seth's mom was busy cooking noodles, when Kelsi stumbled into the kitchen, rubbing the sleep from her eyes.

"Where's Daddy?" She asked.

Crystal stopped for a few moments, and picked up Kelsi, standing next to the front kitchen window.

"He's outside." She said, pointing. "See him?"

"Yeah." Kelsi replied. "Can I go outside?"

"Sure, just stay with your Daddy." she replied, setting Kelsi down again.

Kelsi darted for the door, her small legs getting tired easily. She walked out onto the porch, and down the front steps to Seth.

"Daddy!" She exclaimed happily, while throwing her small arms around his neck from behind.

Kelsi pulled Seth backwards, making him lay back in the grass. Seth picked her up, holding her above his head. She giggled, and stuck her arms out on both sides of her, and flapped them like a bird. Kelsi then dropped her hands down, trying to reach Seth. Her fingers barely grazed his cheeks.

After a few moments, Kelsi realized she couldn't reach her Dad. She began to pout, making Seth lower her. She wrapped her arms around his neck, as Seth laid her down on his chest. She curled up, snuggling against him.

"I love you Daddy." She whispered.

"I love you too." He whispered back, tears threatening him as the memory of Leslie fought to take over his mind.

"What happened Daddy?" Kelsi asked, touching the bruise on Seth's cheek, making him wince.

"I bumped into my desk while trying to get my pen from underneath." He told her.

"Oh, we,, you should be more careful." She said, smiling.

Seth slowly say up, holding Kelsi so she wouldn't tumble off of him. He then stood up, lifting Kelsi up into his arms. Seth walked back inside, knowing his Father would be home soon. Someone he never looked forward to seeing. Holding Kelsi to his hip, he walked into the kitchen. Seth stood next to the stove, watching his mom cook.

Crystal stopped for a moment, and placed a hand on Seth's cheek.

"You look so handsome no matter what." She said, referring to the bruise.

"Mom, please, I'm seventeen." He replied.

"Which is still too young to have a two year old daughter." A cold voice said from the kitchen door.

It was Seth's Dad. A sigh left his lips, as he sat down.

"It's not like it was on purpose." Seth replied, his voice quickly becoming colder, losing the happiness in it.

"So now you're saying she's a mistake?" He asked.

"I never said that!" Seth nearly shouted.  "An accident, yes, but definitely not a mistake!"

"Well it would've never happened if you weren't running around with that slut in the first place." He replied cooly.

"Leslie was not a slut!" Seth shouted, as Kelsi tightened her grip around Seth's neck.

"Do not raise your voice to me." He said, moving so his face was only inches from Seth's.

"Then bite your tongue next time." Seth snarled.

"Seth!" His mom exclaimed. "Adam! Kelsi is right there."

Seth backed off, knowing his Dad wouldn't. Crystal finished cooking, and resisted the temptation to slam the pan down on the table.

"We will have a quiet dinner for once." She said, with forced calmness.

Seth sat down at his usual spot at the table. With his father across from him, he slid a chair up next to him for Kelsi. Crystal sat down in between Kelsi and her husband.

Each of them sat in silence. Occasionally, Seth would help Kelsi eat.

"Can I have some milk, please Daddy?" Kelsi asked.

Seth moved to get up, until his Father grabbed his arm tightly, and said, "After she eats."

Seth's piercing blue eyes glared into his Father's.

"You're not her Father." He said.

"As well as you're not a fit Father." Adam said.

Leaving his Father's words at that, Seth walked away from the table, and stormed off to his room. Kelsi went to get up, but Crystal stopped her.

"Finish your dinner, Sweetie." She said. "Your Dad will be okay."

"Okay Grandma." Kelsi said.

*                                                                               *                                                                   *

Once Seth was in his room, he slammed his door, and went over to his desk. He pulled out a pen, and notebook and began to write. Th words flowed right out like running water. His emotions leaving marks on the paper that couldn't be erased.

The End

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