Wrap Up (last chapter, I think we have dragged this on long enough, and i love writing the ends of stories)

The doctor was surprised at all these goings on and everything that had happened and he suspected, what will happen, as Grace dragged him off she started crying, only subtley at first, but there were tears, the doctor looked lost...

"Erm..." he said tentevley " are you OK?"

"Y..Yes" stammered Grace, her voice breaking "I am a Robot I am always OK" The doctor didn't think so...

"Really, because you don't look Ok, you have tears rolling down your cheeks like a waterfall on maximillion 5, Your voice is breaking like a teenage boy. Are you OK?" the doctor demanded of her.

"No, I have just received new orders, after this mission,... I ..am... to....b..be........." she took a deep metallic breath. "de..con...struct...ed!" her tears rolled faster and harder, it was raining on her metal face, the doctor had no clue what to do, so he said,

"so.. you're.. not.. Ok?"

"Yes you... Must not engage with prisoners" she said under her breath, the doctor saw his oppurtunity to get himself out of this parking offence by talking to the obvious humanity lurking within her, No robot cries.

"How did you get like, well, this? asked the doctor, perhaps a little impertinently.

"None of your business"

"well, If I am going to die, I need to know why my killer feels the need to do this"

"you won't die, I can only kill you once and you are a time lord, you will regenerate"

"well that maybe the case, but I don't want to throw this new body away that quickly, this is new, I would like to keep it pristine for the time being."

"I was in the prison for extreme mal parking practice, I crashed into a planet in order to be a solar system nearer to the shops, as I wanted to take the small shuttle to Bynmyam because of the..."

"intergalatically famous fashion designers.. yer.. yer... I know, but a whole planet for a parking space, how big was your ship?


The End

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