Your Grace

The whir of the controls were comforting sounds... Until, however, the TARDIS' alarm went off again, right in his ear.

"Arg!" yelled The Doctor. "Look, I'm here, it's okay. Calm down. Oh, there's an intruder is there? Really? Oh, all right.”

He looked around for something to brandish at the shadows, but all he had large enough to be used as threatening objects were his shoes. So he took off one and brandished it.

"Come out, come out, wherever you are. Oh, isn't that a nursery rhyme?"

"I'm not hiding," came a familiar voice from the doorway.

The Doctor turned, and found the robot-woman slowly striding up the ramp into the control room. She crossed her arms in a way a human female would, but because they were so polished, The Doctor was having a lot of trouble looking at her without imagining the way reflections shine when their distorted in puddles. He jumped.

"Wait. How did you get back in here?"

"Well, it's my job to make sure people are parking their machines safely."

"Yes, but how did you get in here? I let you outside a minute ago."

"Grace Sheen,” for a second, the robot extended a hand, but The Doctor did not get there in time to shake it. “Policing department of vehicles and land-landings."

"Look, Grace, as much as I-"

"Your Grace," interrupted the robot-figure. "You will address me by my title."

"Oh," The Doctor said, standing by the controls with his mouth open a little stupidly. " things around here?"

The sounds of the central pillar coming to a stop brought gently him back to the situation at hand.

"And why are we here? I knew you were not going to be taking this machine somewhere legal," Grace Sheen asked.

"Umm...mis-sheef? Mist heath? Missed beef?" The Doctor said, quite forgetting the train of thought he had so confidently snatched before. He peered out of the TARDIS doors, scanning the area. This was the prison all right. If only he could remember why he had come back. He tentatively stepped out of the TARDIS, waiting…waiting…

Waiting always did the trick.

From around one corner stormed three or four guards, snarling and heading for The Doctor.

"There he is! That's the man we've been looking for," various people – or possibly all of them – cried in unison.

"Aha," said The Doctor with a grin. "That's right. I remember: mischief!"

He began to run in the opposite direction to the oncoming guards (swerving around the incongruous blue police box as he did so), but was almost immediately stopped. The Doctor frowned. Where did this horizontal metal pole come from?

“Oh, come on, Grace…” The Doctor moaned as he realised she was holding an arm out to stop him.

However, the robot addressed not The Doctor, but the guards.

"It's all right guards. He's with me, in my custody for dangerous driving. I shall take him away and deal with him. You may go on with your normal duties.”

"Of course, Your Grace," they mumbled, humble. The Doctor was surprised at how sudden a change had come over such menacing men. Slowly, the men began to back away, always keeping their eyes on Grace Sheen (which led to some hilarious results of them bashing into doorposts when their aim was out).

When they were all gone, a smile crept across The Doctor's lips.

"Grace- I mean Your Grace?"

"Hmm?" remarked the robot from pursed lips.

"You are coming with me."

The End

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