TARDIS problems

As he was running, The Doctor became dizzy and tripped, almost falling, catching himself before he hit the sand, which swam in front of his eyes, he shook his head violently, and was surprised to find that it had changed to hard earth and the 'quick sand he saw everywhere was just wet mud! They must have dosed him with an hallucinogenic drug, The Doctor noted its effects.

Someone appeared behind the glass and touched the latch and pushed the door open, The Doctor stared. Who was this mysterious stranger who had managed to break in to the TARDIS? Who was this person about to appear to him?

A woman stepped out, gleaming like a newly polished robot, and when the doctor looked closer, he saw that she was! As this happened, she spoke in a smooth voice;

"Are you the owner of this impossible machine?" She looked inquisitive as the doctor looked up in astonishment.

"Err... Yes, I suppose I am her owner..."

"Good, please remove it or it shall be towed away to the nearest scrap planet for trespassing."

"Oooohhhh" said the doctor realizing he should have hidden her before he went exploring. "I shall remove her presently, once I am allowed to get up" because as he had started talking she had stood on his back.

"Of course" She let him up and he sprang into the TARDIS, rushing into the control room, realizing the brake and taking off... right back into the prison. To cause some mischief…

The End

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