As they headed towards the backdoor, Maximus stood on something that clicked, The doctor looked around, startled and concerned 

"don't move a muscle"

"Whats happened?" said maximus, not wanting to lo0k

"I think.." the doctor was on his haunches studying the device "that you have stood on a mine! Do not move your foot an inch..."

"oh no, I remember on the plan, there are mines placed strategically in this room, in case something does happen, the guards must have turned them on when they left" He looked like he was about to wet himself in fear. There was a buzzing noise as the doctor withdrew his sonic screwdriver from his jacket pocket again scanning it for information or to diffuse it, even  the doctor wasn't sure what he was looking for, it having been such a suprise that he had not had time to think, his brain was getting sluggish, he thought, but as long as maximus kept his foot still nothing would happen.

the cocking of a gun behind them startled Maximus so much he lept two foot in the air, realised what he had done, then crumpled as it exploded, killing him and knocking the doctor unconsious.

The doctor woke up in a very small room, that was blindingly white and as he looked hazily in front of him, he saw what looked like a judge in court, "damn" said the doctor, the guards an the jugde looked at him as the judge said "I am the judge of you, you, Timelord the species that has been dead for so many years, dusty old men watching the universe, never decending, but here you are, and you are charged with the murder of a prisoner, Maximus Twee, The ownership of an illegal weapon" at this he held up The Doctors sonic screw driver. "and acheiving something thought impossible, breaking in to a secure prison on a distant planet... with no means of transportation... for this impossibility I sentence you with..."

"Woah there, I have not had a chance to defend myself, I have rights under the shadow proclamation"

"They Have no influence here. I ch..."

"Yes they do, I wish to defend myself, so, I broke in here because I heard a howling, and was curious, Curiousity is not a crime is it?"

"Not as such but.."

"see, so remove that charge of breaking into that establishment... That, what you call, an illegal weapon, is a) NOT a weapon and b) NOT illegal under galactic law, WHICH APPLIES EVERYWHERE, I made sure of it... What a case you have here, judge, and as for the murder of maximus, maximus had stood on a mine, I could have got him out alive if your guard had not have cocked his gun behind us, at that point we would have got out alive... I rest my case" everyone looked dumbfounded, but the judge just stared, the doctor tried not to look smug, but did anyway, the judge thought for a moment and said.

"I am charging you with contempt, in this part of the universe that means a fine of 1234 credits or a prison sentence of 13 days"

"What, i don't have that sort of money, or that sort of time!" and with that he slipped off his handcuffs, grabbed his screwdriver and started to sprint away, the judge stared and after a while said.

"well... what are you waiting for, Rainfallster?* Get after him!" but it was too late the doctor had run off into the sunset, to find the TARDIS, but as he was able to see it on the horizon, the mysterious calling started again...

*rainfallster is the time on this planet when it rained and the original primitives of this planet worshipped it, The Justice Corporation respected these masters of punishment (for they were always torturing someone for doing something) that the corporation decided to let Rainfallster to become a festival on all their prison planets, as respite from the long days, months and years that those people had to spend in that place.

The End

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