Exploration and Explosions

“Wait, wait, wait!” The Doctor cried, his hands frantically gesturing to thin air. “I am…prepared to help you, and I can see where you’re coming from. However, I’d just like to point out that I don’t normally go around freeing prisoners without a reason. I’m asking you to find this reason.

“…And,” he added, spotting figures in the distance, “now would be the time to do some running.”

The Doctor sprinted off, Maximus Twee mere seconds behind him. Neither were lean enough to be able to run quickly, but both knew when they needed to, and both certainly had had practise in their other lives. By the time their breath had settled and they had stopped the running, neither knew where they were anymore.

It was a bare room, if empty stood for something. Bare metal gleamed on the walls, jutting out in places where circuit-boards had been ripped raw from the walls.

“I don’t like the look of this...” The Doctor muttered. “Maximus, where are we?” However, even as she strange genius spoke, he was already busy poking his head into the gaps, searching out every little piece of information.

“I don’t know,” Maximus grunted. “I’ve been here three lifetimes, and I’ve never seen this place. It must have been created before the map system was put in place.

“...It looks like this is the heart of the system,” The Doctor continued, his voice muffled by the fact that his head was still partway into the wall. “If I could tweak this wire into that wire...” The Doctor’s screwdriver started to weave in and out of the wall-plates. “...and then activate the neutrino-integrators, setting them to illuminate the situation and possibly provide...” As he continued burbling to himself, Maximus hear the whir of a strange object, emitting blue light, followed swiftly by an explosion. The Doctor retracted his head from the wall, his face showing shines of having been burnt.

“Maybe not...”

Maximus spun, his eyes shining slightly in the dull light.

“What is that?” cried Maximus. “What did you do? And, whilst we are on that subject, who exactly are you?”

“I’m The Doctor!” said The Doctor. It was one of his favourite sentences, since he was able to yell the words out without getting strange looks...mostly.

Maximus gave The Doctor a strange look.

“Doctor who?”

“Yup, that’s me.”

“You are odd.”

“And you are a criminal. I could just as well abandon you in the middle of this nowhere.”

“Excuse me! Please remember who knows this prison-world inside and out! I should be making the threats!”

The Doctor shrugged; he couldn’t be bothered to fight with someone who had just pointed out that he was a very invaluable ally.

“Well, my approach didn’t work. I’ll admit that. Now, I’ll do another thing that I don’t normally do: I’ll ask you to think of something. Maximus Twee, where do you suggest we go next? We’re lost, and going back through the door we came from, since we are probably now surrounded by guard- probably armed- and there is no map. Big problems.”

“Why don't we go through that back-door over there?” Maximus suggested, pointing.

“Oh, yeah…” The Doctor said, spinning. “Why didn’t I think of that?”

The End

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