The Good in the Bad

He was still running desparate to find a hiding place but knowing that he would not find one when all of a sudden

"psst, oi, you, running, come here" the doctor looked around, and although not trusting the unknown voice, he followed it, as he drew closer to the source he saw that it was a small creature, but rather wide, the creature said

" I am Maximus Twee, In here for super Villanry, I got 3 Lifetimes, but it is only a tiny bit of my life span, I am on my third lifetime already, so not long now" The doctor looked amazed, conflicted and a little bit impressed

"So how did you get out of your cell?" The doctor asked in an inquizzical fashion "I mean it all looks very high security, and I am not sure I should be accepting help from you" Maximus Twee then said in a very pompous and pleased with himself voice said

"I have had 2 and 1/3 lifetimes to hack into the computer mainframe, I managed it last year and have been escaping and coming back unnoticed, I saw you running and thought I should try and redeem myself a bit..."

"What, by helping someone who broke in escape?"

"Well, now you but it that way, maybe I should turn you in..." His small hand started to reach for a button marked intruder.

"Noo, wait, maybe it wouldn't be so bad if you did help me, I mean do I look like much of a threat, I am not armed, what damage could I do? 'eh??"

"ok, so, I have a plan I have been formulating for the past 3 months for my escape..." he pressed a button on the touch pad and a map grew from the middle of the screen. "This is a map of the compound, now, where is your ship?" The doctor thought of his TARDIS on a prison planet, alone... 

"here" and as if by magic, when he touched the screen a picture of his TARDIS popped up where his finger had pressed. "whoah. How did that happen?"

"Well this computer is slightly sycic, so the guards know what we are thinking, I turned it off when I couldn't hide what I was doing, but I turned it on, but cloaked, so I could see what you were thinking. Is that really your space ship? It looks very small, how are we both going to fit in their?"

"Both?? What do you mean both?"

"oh, didn't I say, because I helped you out and didn't turn you in, you have to take me with you"

"no, I couldn't, your a criminal, I can't let you out, and any way you have only got 1/3 of a lifetime left" Maximuses hand crept towards the INTRUDER button "ok, OK, OK, I will help you, I don't fancy being locked up, it may be hard to believe but I am older than you! so I don't want to be locked up here."

"OK, but if I think you are going to leave me behind, I will press this button..."

The End

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