High Security

The vent was dingy, but as death, there was small white light at the end, he crawled eagerly towards it, it became smaller, like it was retreating, as the doctor got near it. then it lurched at him like a hungry lion after a long chase, he recoiled. "blimey!" he said as adrenalin pumped through his body from the sudden rush that had so often coursed through him like an overpowering smell that he could not get out of his nose, he gently went forward, because now the light had run off, lost he thought, he would never find it again, edging towards the vent through which he could see a pale light he searched around in his pockets for his sonic screwdriver, which had invariably slipped into one of his many pockets which were, like the TARDIS, bigger on the inside, after a couple of minutes of searching he found it and unlocked the vent and crept along the dank grey corridor that made it look like a prison which he thought justified the 'no admitance to visitors' signs on the door.

He felt uneasy, like a lot of eyes looking at him, he peered at every crack in the plaster, every scratch and every reflection and then he noticed that there were slight indentations and scratches, about door shaped every four or so feet he approached one of them and touched the place where the handle should be and a screen popped up with a picture, an eye, the doctor peered at it and from some unknown speaker a voice blared, "NOT IDENTIFIED, ALERT, ALERT, ALERT" at this and the sound of running feet echoing of the walls the doctor ran, trying out his new speed, he was slow, slower than before, it was his big frame, all hulky, strong yet undextourous and awkward as he got used to it, he heard the running feet stop and a voice say, "that's the second time this cycle, first the air con goes into security mode now this, it almost seems like the computer thinks there is an intruder!" he heard derisive laughter from deep echoing male voices. So he was in a high security prison after all, and he had been noticed, the computer, and him being silly, looking into the eye, when he should have run, he was still regenerating inside, he could feel it churning, perfecting every cell to optimise its potential and quell any side effects or shock.

His hearts were beating, faster and faster as he heard a patrol laughing, coming the other way, as they obviously joked about the 'malfunction' of the computer and how it was going off every ten seconds today, 'oops' said the doctor under his breath realising that he was not as unnoticed as he thought, this was obviously a very Hi-tech place. He knew which planet he was on now.

Justice Gamma... part of the Justica prison planets system, 3 of 6 named after greek letters. He should have gone a long time ago, he knew that now, hee should have turned round and left, but no, he had to stay, he had to look around, poke his nose in as usual; and as usual he was hiding, scared of being caught.

He needed grace now, he should not have been so harsh on her as to tell her she was not a proper doctor because she had only ever nursed humans, where as he had nursed worlds, then she had stormed out, to Overod and he had left her in a fit of anger.... He did not want to go back to her because, well, he never could.


The End

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