Four: The Hunt For Adventure

The burst of sudden speed had tired him a little. What was worse, however, was that lack of sense that no noise made. The Doctor was left with the loud silence of the lack of thoughts inside his head, and that omnipresent feeling that something was not quite as it seemed on these foreign planets.

“That‘s strange,” he muttered, “I swear I heard…”

But with a shrug, the Doctor continued walking the landscape. For a while he thought it was as bare as mars, but then, seeing a smudge of blue in his foreground view, he realised that, his eyes having been raised to the sky, he had simply been walking around the same patch of shrub-land.

The Doctor lifted his flat nose, sniffing what was mingled with pine in the air.

“I’ll be the king of this world if that isn’t adventure…” he mused, albeit without much joy; there was that certain feeling that whenever he tried to keep out of trouble adventure was eagerly hunting him.

“Why have you brought me here?” he addressed the TARDIS. But, there being no audible or coherent answer, he began to head across the desert-like landscape, this time keeping his eyes squarely on the horizon and forward. Rounding a hill that had been thinly coated with shrubbery, a doomed city loomed out the marsh, silver spires shining in the low-glowing sun.

The Doctor raced through the haze to the city that hovered mysteriously on the horizon. As usual, he was adept at running, his lithe figure bounding over the undulating terrain.

Finally, feeling very small, he surveyed the city that had shot up in front of him.

“Wow, the city is certainly much bigger when you’re close up to it.”

His eyes boggled as he spread them up the structures of steel, but he soon spotted some large metal door squashed into the walls in front of him. It was the only entrance, he noticed, as the whole city seemed to be enclosed in steel borders.

“Hello,” the Doctor said, as he strolled up to the wall. He had no idea why it felt sensible to address a blank sheet of metal in front of him, but he did it anyway. However, his disgruntled-ness continued when he realised that the whole of his current journey had been led to the dance by rules. And following rules was not the Doctor’s forte.

“No admittance to visitors,” said a panel by the wall, flashing a blue light from a slit that the Doctor liked to guess were eyes.

“Now why would that be?” the Doctor asked the panel.

“No admittance to visitors,” it buzzed back, the blue light glowing with annoyance.

“Fine.” The Doctor shrugged, surveying the edge of the wall carefully. There had to be something…

Finally, with an exclamation his eyes set upon it: a small vent near the bottom of the structure, big enough for only a man of the Doctor’s new size to fit into. With a buzz of the trusty old sonic screwdriver, the Doctor managed to pull the vent-cover from the wall without so much as an annoyed buzz form the panel that lay about five metres away.

With one look behind himself, the Doctor peered down into the dark chute; it didn’t seem particularly stable or safe but those kinds of things had never worried the Doctor. In this newly-regenerated state, he was even more reckless than ususal.

“Now…this is more my thing…” the Doctor laughed, ducking down and crawling into the vent.

The End

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