The Missing Doctor

There is a gap between the 8th and 9th doctors so, what if there was a 8.2 doctor so the 9th was actually the 10th etc.

The doctor woke as he heard a judder and a shake from the TARDIS, he was lying on the wooden floor of the control room, spalyed out like a dead spider. He had just regenerated. He remembered it, his brain was getting back into gear, the pain and the agony of having been caught by a sontarans gun, right in the back, luckily for him, although he was a very lucky man, he had just been bounding up to and ulocking the TARDIS door when the laser bullet hit him in the square of the back so he fell into the tardis and just managed to take off befor he burst into a firey ball of yellow energy, bursting out of every crevice of his being.

The doctor stood up and swayed for a second then fell over, he thought for a comic moment he had become the scarecrow in The Wizard of OZ, when he next stood up he stayed up right and went to find amirror whist taking in his appearence, he wore the same clothes, the velvet jacket, flowery colloar, looking like somthing from the late 19th centuray and early 20th centuary on eath, a planet, if you do not know in the western spiral arm of the milky way in sector 8023, it is all so known as Sol 3 and Mondas (also its sister planet). As he studied himself he saw that he was quite tall because his trousers were flapping about his calf his velvet jacket was tight around his shoulders and way too short in the arms, he struggled to get it off and discarded it in a TARDIS corridor knowing it would be gone if he ever walked down this corridor again, he was wandering now, not entirly sure where he was going, when a bathroom popped up as he turned yet another corner, he really should get a plan of the tardis, but then, he thought, it wouldn't be pocket sized. He reached the bathroom and looked at himself, he had a thin, tanned face which looked young and ready, green eyes that seemed to penatrate you, like he was trying to read your mind and long light brown hair hanging limply by his shoulders.

"Damn" he said to himself and found he had a slight cockney accent, not too noticable but deep and enought to threaten you "I have Horrible hair, my clothes don't fit me and I sound like I am about to thump your head in, time for a hair cut, I think I will shave most of it off and have a short, back and sides, erm... how do I cut it." At that moment the doctor spotted a razor and some scissors, that he had not noticed before and thought to himself that it had been placed there by some mysterious power and he knew, just new that his long time lover had placed it there as he had thought it because she knew, always knew, the TARDIS, the woman he would never leave until he dies, and even then he probably would not since only two hours ago he had died of a laser bullet fired by an angry sontaran

The End

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