The Missing Coat of Arms

Lily Hamburgers lead detective of MISSING THINGS got a call from Rick Carey. He has the most expensive collection of Coat of Arms duplicates. He said that the one that represents the Queen of England is missing. That’s the most expensive Coat of Arms in the world. It’s worth one hundred thousand million billion trillion dollars!!! WOW !

Lily arrived there in just enough time to investigate.
There was broken glass every where! Lily used her trusty magnifying glass. Just then she saw continuous foot steps going toward a big pile of rocks. She saw something sparkle inside the rocks! She started to dig and dig. She found the Coat of Arms! She looked for fingerprints. Earlier she had gotten Rick’s print. She knew the prints looked familiar on the Coat of Arms. Rick had faked losing the Coat of Arms. He thought she would not find him out and have to pay him $2,000 dollars for contaminating the crime scene. Rick is serving time for insurance fraud.

The End

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