June fifth, 2002 was the date of birth of Annette Viktoriya

"Hmm?"  Vera asked, looking down and immediately getting jabbed in the nose by her daughter's tiny fingers.  "Oh!"  she exclaimed with wide eyes.  "You got me!"  Then, realizing the odd nature of her words, she wondered if all babies were so quick to interact...for some reason, she got the impression of what her daughter had just done was unique.  

As she aged, Annette became more and more unique, as her words and phrases were formed well by the age of two and a half, where other kids who lived along her street were just beginning with their first words.  

"Re-use-en," she stated once, looking at a map and stabbing her little index finger at Russia.  "Cowd," she said, wrapping her arms around her body and moving them up and down.  Cold?  

Her hair grew, tinting brown as she got older, and her eyes remained the beautiful deep blue, very delicate and tender...how they looked so much like someone else's, but no one of either of her parents' families.  She looked familiar, but no one could figure out to whom she looked like.  

The End

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