The Misguided Magus - part 2

"What? Blasphemy!"
“Language, language.”
“Show some respect!”
“Not in my ear! NOT IN MY EAR!!”
“Hear, hear! Hic!”
“Well, the king IS a fool…”
“Who said that!”
“He’s our king! Where’s your pride?” the minister was strident in marshalling his people.
“Yes! Take back your words!”
“He’s my king! He’s my father!”
“You don’t say!”
“I meant as our keeper, you twisted mind!”

The magus's sombre voice rang out, his gnarled claw raising a large, sooty human femur.
"Will you make sense, you bunch of idiots? Or shall I make good on my irritation?"

Everyone took one look at it and immediately bit their tongues, feeling admonished like children for their outburst.

"Magus," the king puffed in pride, "There is no need for abuse. We are here in peace. All we expect is proper regard for royal stature and reverence from you. You would do well, at the same time, to remember that you are tolerated at the fringe of this beautiful capital, due only to royal benevolence.”

“Hear! Hear!”
“Well spoken!”
“Who’s he talking about?”
“That’s a king there!”
“Not in my ear, you beast! Oh, my tinnitus!”
“Hush, you two!”
“See? That’s the standard of royal blood!”
“Culture, I tell you. Born with it.”
“Hic! This hooch smells awful.”
“Watch your manners, old man!” The minister piped in, finding strength in numbers.

The End

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