The Miscellaneous Adventures of Caitlyn Frank

'Hey, Bran, what're we doing today?' I asked my guardian excitedly.

'Paris.' He replied, grinning.

'Really? PARIS? What's our job there?'I pestered him.

'Were going to see. . .' He paused for dramatic effect, 'if we can get some french butter.' I huffed out a big sigh. That was it?

'Why? Bran, why?'I whined, 'I want to go see the Eiffel Tower or go to Disney Land. Why are we going for butter?'

'Because, Caitlyn, I want your mother to make me a cake.'He stated, I could really imagine him getting a big snooty, posh-person nose right now.

'Don't you mean, ask my mother to bake me a cake when it's really for you because no one but me can see you?'I grumbled, laying down on my bed.

'You should really get changed before you take nap.'Bran muttered. He made a careful path through my messy bedroom floor that was covered in souvenirs from different countries.

Bran is my 'Gaurdian'. Everyone has got one, it's just I made a wish on a star that I want to see my 'guardian angel' and . . .poof there he was. In all his irritating glory.

Once Bran had made it to my bed, he lay down next to me, 'we don't have to go anywhere tonight. You look sleepy.'

'Kay. I am really sleepy.' I smiled lazily and turned to face him. 'Wanna watch telly?'

He nodded and handed me the remote. I turned my TV on and we lolled on the bed, our legs hanging off the edge.

'Can we go to New York tomorrow?'I muttered, on the verge of falling asleep.

'Anywhere you want. You name it.' Bran whispered, yawning. Soon after Bran had uttered those words, we were both asleep.

The End

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