Electra stopped breathing and collapsed on the floor.

Little Carson had never taken the life of one of his schoolmates before, and it was quite a head rush to feel the uncontrollable shudder in Elektra's neck as he squeezed the life from it.  His hands, though small, suddenly increased their strength tenfold, and even her bulging, terrified eyes lacked the ability to unlock them from her throat.  Toward the end, she feebly swatted at his arms with her hands, which had about as much effectiveness as stopping a charging rhino with a rolled newspaper.  The last thing her eyes did before forever closing was release a short stream of tears, which coursed down her cheeks, to her jawline, and finally stopped at Little Carson's taut fingers.  There was a thought flitting around the inside of his skull, something about the sadness required to pass on to the other side, but it was quickly overrun with a triumphant wave of euphoria.

Little Carson stood upon his trophy like Captain Morgan and raised his fists to the ceiling, much to the adoration of the rest of the class.

"I vanquish thee, foul demon," he bellowed, "from our mundanity forever!"

A standing ovation, and Little Carson took an extra moment to bask in his well-deserved glory, those lights radiating down on him so perfectly.

"Would everyone please calm down?  Class isn't over yet," Mr. Droner spoke into the chalkboard before him, "I still have a few more minutes to make an impact on your fertile little minds."

The End

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