This is a story about three losers, and how they meet at a place called THE WORLD STOPS HERE, and become the accidental heroes who save the world. Their names are Chuckle, Berry and Finn.

Chuckle or Chuck Mathews, as he is formally known is the epitome of the term DUMB. He is the easily the most profoundly stupid man to have walked the face of this earth. Even his high school yearbook describes him as “nuttier than squirrel poo”. Incapable as he is of fending for himself, his grandmother takes care of him. She let him stay in her house after his parents threw him out, even got him a job as a helper at a popular pub, THE WORLD STOPS HERE. The poor lady even puts up with his pet skunk, Julia. Chuck believes in love at first sight, and fell in love with her, when he first saw her. She terrorizes most in the neighborhood, has caused a lot of allergic outbursts but Chuck is oblivious to it. He even considers the smell as room freshener. Love is blind?? Nope. Chuck is dumb.

Berry is 30, and flirty and thriving. Okay, the last bit is stretching the truth too far. She is the notoriously accident prone, having a permanent bed assigned to her in the hospital, and thus not as thriving as people wish to be. But she is as immune to her predicament, as to the effect she has on the opposite sex. Maybe 67 stitches, 30 fractures and innumerable painkillers do boost immunity in certain aspects. In fact, the emergency services recommended her as the brand ambassadress for band-aids. Her last job was as a receptionist, a relatively low risk job by normal standards. But poor Berry Jones cut herself up, so deep that she required 3 stitches, with a letter opener. To try and cheer her up, her twin brother took her to a pub, THE WORLD STOPS HERE.

Finn is scared. Of everything. He lives in mortal fear of the sky, the air, the trees, everyone around him, vehicles…And to add to that he is a hypochondriac. Even a little cut on his finger makes him wonder if he will have to lose his hand. And he faints at the slightest sight of blood. He lives with his sister, and works at a children’s library next to her house. He used to work at a community library earlier, which certainly paid him better, but he quit. Why, you might ask. Well, the violence in the books for adults frightened him and his soul mate, Benny Boo Boo, a stuffed toy his sister has gifted him when they were five. But loyal as he was, he never went anywhere without Benny since that day. Not even today, when he took his sister to somewhere he had never been, a pub. Though a very brave step on the whole, for him, its name did nothing to his sagging confidence. It was a place called THE WORLD STOPS HERE.

Yes, Finn was the exact opposite and the most unlikely twin brother of Berry. And all the three losers this story is about are in the pub THE WORLD STOPS HERE when the story begins.

The End

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