Day Two Begins

Later that morning, after a quick drill practice, we set off to do our last three activities of the day. My company started out with Weapons, where one of the officers showed us some of the weapons we’d be allowed to play with when we completed our weapons course. We all got very enthusiastic at the prospect of using blanks.

We wanted revenge on the Veteran Marines for chasing us across the ridge the previous day.

They will pay for that insult. We will insure it.

Next was Casualty Evacuation. Evidently thinking I was the lightest among them, the lads chose me to be their casualty. I lay on the grass, groaning in mock agony for a few moments as the others sorted out their battle plan. They got as far as performing the defensive circle part, but then the medic forgot what to do, and we all ended up yelling orders at each other for the rest of the exercise. I also got dropped a couple of times as I was heavier than they’d expected.

Still have the bruises now, just in case you were wondering.

The End

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