We were creeping up the side of the hill, keeping low to avoid our silhouettes showing against the starlight. A flare went up and we flattened ourselves into the ground. Then we spotted a strange red light following us up the road. We sprinted commando-crawled into the grass to get away from the road, hoping to lose whatever it was in the darkness. We did. However, we ended up lying in a thistle patch.


But we didn’t really notice that much when we started hearing the gunshots. The Marines must be hiding out somewhere nearby and had probably seen us run off the road. We hunkered down in the grass and tried to be as inconspicuous as possible. Eventually the shots stopped and we started formulating plans to get off the hillside and back to base. We went through creating diversions, stealthy crawling and various complicated manoeuvres, but eventually settled on a simpler alternative.

We ran like Billy-O, streaking down the hill at light-speed and almost flattening the patrol who’d just come back from the east. They were impressed by our speed, but found our tactics rather bizarre. We just smiled and nodded, acting like it had all been a highly tactical manoeuvre instead of a blind rout.

Surprisingly, they weren't convinced.

Eventually all the patrols came back and we looked about for something to do. We decided that the Marines must be rather bored not having anything to shoot at except empty spaces, so we decided to help them out with a bit of target-practice. With us as the targets.

Singing various songs, including “Storey’s Boys” and “We’re in The Army Now”, we clambered up the hill again, all dancing about and waving lights. The Marines fired on us, and we all died highly melodramatic deaths to make it more entertaining for them.

Both forces had a lot of fun doing that.

Laughing like jackals on helium, we crawled back to camp at around 10:00pm. Looking slightly nonplussed by our actions, Scorer sent us to our ponchos to sleep. We agreed, knowing that the Marines would be back to chase us again later. And so, with some difficulty, we crawled back into our sleeping bags (still in full kit) and tried to sleep.

Easier said than done when it was about -5 degrees and pouring with rain.

The End

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