Night Patrol

Anyway, later that day, after all the patrols came back we had some demos done by the Veterans (the older ones who get guns and stuff) and then had dinner. Cooked rice for me.


Later that evening, after scrubbing out the mess tins with dock leaves and trying to find an appropriate tree to designate as a toilet, Corporal Scorer (the boss man) called us together to talk about Night Patrols. He told us about night vision, stealth, secrecy and how to keeping silent could save our lives if we were attacked. We also got some lovely demos of various whizzy-bangy things that might be used to detect us.

My personal favourite was a large flare that got stuck on the roof before blowing a considerably sizeable hole in it.

Looks like the officers will be getting wet tonight.

So then we all set off on our night patrol. Katie (a friend of mine) had come over from the Navy camp to join us by now (we're the only two girls in the Cadets so we have to sleep under the same tent... can't be sharing with boys now can we?) NCO gave me specific instructions to keep an eye on her.

Not because he was concerned for her safety though, he just wanted to be sure she wouldn’t betray our position to the Marines. I told him that nothing ever escaped my notice. Then I walked straight into Connor’s back with a “wumph” sort of sound. His response was:
“Real smooth Robson, real smooth.”

Anyway, so we all set off in the dark to check out some A.O.I (Areas of Interest to you and me). We checked out one hill, found nothing so we came back to base to report before going off to our second destination.

And to our next adventure...

The End

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