Teamwork... sort of

Now, one thing you must understand about us in the Army is that we are all incredibly brave, courageous and loyal to our comrades.

But not in this section we're not. We turned and ran for our lives.

We never stopped running for a second, jumping over barbed wire fences, ducking under low branches and dodging anything else that got in the way. The Marines kept shooting, but we just kept running. We were so scared it was funny. We did however manage to stick together, pulling each other through sticky spots and dragging anyone who looked to be getting left behind.

We may be cowards, but we're loyal cowards.

After ten minutes of solid running, we came skidding to a halt outside base, laughing so much we were crying. NCO soon caught up and threatened to wallop us if we left him behind again. We just laughed harder that he hadn’t been able to keep up. He gave us press-ups.

We were still laughing.

The End

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