On Arrival

We arrived at Salisbury Plain around 3:00pm. We all got off the bus and grabbed our packs. We then formed up in ranks and set off towards the camp.

Very sore shoulders upon arriving at camp, those packs were heavier than they looked! We were given a rather foul stew for lunch. Me being me I managed to persuade Rakmatov (one of my lads) to swap some of his rations for some of mine, so my lunch was a little more digestible than theirs. I felt so sneaky.

I'd regret it later though... Laxative biscuits can do that to you.

We crawled into some thick bushes to set up camp after lunch. Took me a decade to pin the wretched poncho into the ground, but I got there in the end. Sleeping bag out next, then we had to cover the ponchos, or "bashers" as they were called in leaves to hide ourselves from any enemy attacks. The marines, our arch nemesises were out here too somewhere, and we didn't want them to find us.Then our NCO called us together and we set off on our first patrol.

And onto the first of our many misadventures of that weekend...

The End

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