On the Road

I had to get up early on Sunday morning.
Didn’t like that much. Gods know I hate mornings. Especially rainy English Winter mornings.

None the less, I got up, got into my kit (black monkey boots, baggy trousers that are waaay to big for me, a short t-shirt and a truly massive windbreaker. All camoflage print of course). Managed quick breakfast and trotted off to meet the lads at the dining hall.

Anyway, got to the bus eventually, grabbed the necessary supplies (complete with skanky, smelly army bag and sat-on looking Rat Pack full of what was supposed to be "food"), got into the bus and set off. We watched Madagascar on the way, all laughing like absolute fruitcakes. We wanted to imitate the awesome moves done by the penguins, our NCOs told us it wasn’t physically possible. We tried to persuade them to bet on it. They wouldn’t.

I wonder why...

The End

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